Well, I’m knackered. Having two children is knackering. It’s like a gentle chaos and there’s a never-ending list but it’s totally worth it. Ada is 10 and a half weeks old now (where does the time go?!) and I *think* we’ve found our new normal. I didn’t really have any expectations before Ada arrived other […]

* This is a sponsored post to promote The Baby Room at Smyths. So I’ll be honest with you, I spend a good proportion of my life at the shops, and of late those shops tend to be toy shops or anywhere that stocks Cars blind bags (Harley’s latest obsession therefore the perfect bribe to […]

So for the last three years I’ve harboured a huge amount of hate for soft play, probably more than the average person. Why? Well there’s not one exact reason I can pinpoint but I’ve always hated the whole experience, especially when trying to get Harley to leave, I’m talking tears, screams, screeches, basically full-blown toddler […]

Ada is now six weeks old and I can’t remember life before her, she’s an absolute dream. (all the heart emojis) Throughout my pregnancy with Ada I felt so much more laidback than I was when I was pregnant with Harley. I was so sure I had it all figured out, after all we’d already […]

10pm on Thursday 4th January; when our family became complete. Ada’s arrival was quick and wonderful (albeit very painful but the gas and air helped) and now I couldn’t imagine life without her. We’re all besotted and Harley is obsessed. After being induced with Harley (due to his size – he weighed 9lbs but was […]

I was so convinced I was going to have this baby early but now I’m not so sure. I’m trying everything I can to try and encourage this little one to come out before Christmas including all the spicy food, bouncing on the exercise ball, the raspberry leaf, I’ve even brought a Sex Bomb bath […]

Basically everything I want for Harley (and me). LOL. Seriously though, the Wicked Uncle website is pretty ace. Rather than making you scroll pages of gifts and sifting through lots of different toys the website is arranged into rather handy categories, you can filter by gender and age recommendations, as well as categories including Adventurer, Brainiac and […]

A few weeks ago I was very lucky to be invited to a super-glam lunch at The Ivy with Asda Little Angels and Dr Hilary Jones. Yup at The Ivy! So I took my waddling-self off on the train and down to London Town for a child-free afternoon filled with amazing food (I’m not exaggerating […]

So I’m on the home stretch now. This pregnancy has flown by at a ridiculous rate and I still don’t fully think that I’ve got my head around the fact that I’m going to be a mum of two sometime soon. This week (week 36) in particular I’ve had a couple of ‘oooh what’s that?’ […]

Wow so I’ve reached the eight month point. It’s gone so fast this time round, with Harley the weeks dragged so much but during this pregnancy I blink and it’s Monday again. I’ve also become ridiculously rubbish at my ‘weekly’ pregnancy updates hence the four weeks covered in this one, oops. It’s been an eventful-ish […]