Hitting those milestones.

It’s a year to the day that we got to see Harley for the first time at our first ultrasound scan. The wait in the waiting room seemed like forever as I munched on plain breadsticks stuffed in my bag (one of the only things that prevented me from vomming during my morning sickness phase) and nervously talked rubbish at the boy at 100mph (talking rubbish is my nervous habit).

Now one year on my gorgeous little boy is almost six months old and hitting new milestones on a regular basis. This week came a big one – moving him to his own bedroom. <major sad face emoji>
Harley outgrew his Moses Basket at six weeks but luckily his cotbed fit into our bedroom meaning that he’s been sleeping in our bedroom for the past almost six months. After our trip to Spain we decided it was time to move him into his bedroom and after a week and a bit of putting it off – excuses included ‘the vacuuming hadn’t been done’ and ‘it’s Saturday’ – we did it.

The first night mainly a consisted of the monitor attached to my ear to make sure I could hear breathing and popping into his bedroom every 30 minutes to check he was ok. In hindsight this probably was extremely distracting to him. But we made it through the night and now a week on it seems like he’s always been in his own bedroom. It’s funny how quickly you fall into a routine and Harley loves his star projector and seahorse that plays all the best tunes – including my fave, Frere Jacque.

From a selfish point of view it’s nice to be able to not creep around the bedroom in the dark and watch the telly on volume 5 (so quiet you’re mainly lip reading). And for Harley he’s not woken by me tripping over a random shoe or the phone charger the boyfriend has left on the floor or disturbed by me dropping the tv remotes on the floor.

If you’re about to move baby into their own room and are frantically stressing about it like I did then don’t worry, it’ll be fine. Promise! And in just a few days you’ll be wondering what all the worry was about as you move onto the next thing to stress about.

E x


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