Weaning Tales. Part one.

Weaning scared me. It’s not really something you think about until you need to do it. I guess you’re too busy doing everything else to even think about it and then suddenly its time.

I was advised by the health visitor to wean Harley when he turned four months old as milk just wasn’t cutting it anymore. After stocking up on plastic dishes and plates, Tommee Tippee spoons and bibs I turned to the lovely Annabel Karmel for advice and brought her ‘Weaning’ cookbook.

Harley took to food straight away. We’ve been really fortunate with Harley in terms of feeding. From birth he’s loved his milk and within three weeks I’d got him into a feeding routine, and to be honest our first few weeks of weaning were a dream too. He loves pretty much all veggies (apart from broccoli, but I don’t blame him on that one) and is really good with fruit too. 
But soon it was time to step it up a notch. He’s now on three meals a day and over the last two weeks I’ve been trying to introduce a number of new flavours and food groups, and it’s not going that great.
I’ve spent ages in the kitchen cooking up delicious recipes – and anybody that knows me will know how hard that is for me, I’m a real trier in the kitchen but eight of ten times something goes wrong, and quite often the other two out of ten times are a fluke – and then pureeing them and putting them in my fancy freezing pots but when the time comes to serving them I’m met with a miserable face and a lot of gagging.

I’ve even tried turning to Ella’s Kitchen (shout out to them, totes our saviours during our trip away to Spain) for help and tried Harley with some of their stage 2 packets but it’s still a no.

I’ve googled, read blogs and I’ve asked my mum (aka the oracle) but can’t find the answer. It’s funny because at the same time we’ve introduced a few finger foods, which he loves, meaning it can’t be that he isn’t willing to try new things. So I’ve made a decision. I’m going back to basics.
I’m stripping back and deconstructing (fancy cooking term that I learnt from Bake Off this week) the recipes and we’re going to simpler dishes with far less ingredients. Quite a few of the recipes I’ve been trying have at least 10 recipes. I’m also going to up the finger foods and hopefully introduce new foods that way too.
I’m just so paranoid that if we don’t get past this phase Harley is going to be a fussy eater forever only eating fruit, veg, baked carrot sticks and slices of toast. I know this is totally irrational but weaning does crazy things to a person.
Fingers crossed my new method works and that my next instalment of weaning tales details my success! 
Are you weaning and share my pain? Or have any tips? Let me know! 
E x



  1. We had a similar thing with Harry, he took to it brilliantly but then started turning his nose up when we went on to new purée flavours and textures.

    We went back to basics for a couple of weeks and tried again and I’ve found since then he will eat almost anything (bar green veg, he’s with Harley on the broccoli).


    1. Ahh brilliant, thanks for letting me know. Hopefully Harley will do the same! X


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