Some days I feel like Superwoman.

Others not so much.

Superwoman days are usually declared at approximately 9am. In order to be a superwoman day I’m showered, dressed and sat watching Lorraine on the sofa with a cup of tea and a piece of toast (a croissant on an ultimate superwoman day) whilst waiting for Harley to wake up from an uninterrupted* night of sleep. *Definitely a required criteria for a superwoman day.

Everything will go to plan for the whole day. During Harley’s naps I’ll load the washing machine, unload the dishwasher, mop the kitchen floor and clean the bathroom. Dinner will be ready for when the boyfriend arrives home from work and I’ll have a bath once Harley is in bed before crashing on the sofa with a cup of tea to watch Great British Bake Off.

Now it must be said that these days don’t happen everyday but when they do it’s amazing.

I have days where we both still in our PJs at 12pm. When I’m covered in Harley’s lunch, have sick on my jeans and haven’t washed my hair for a few days. But sometimes those are the best days. It reminds me that it’s ok to not be Super Mum and that the living room can be vacuumed and the kitchen windows cleaned when the boyfriend gets home or simply tomorrow.

As long as Harley’s fed, happy and content I’m happy to sit with sick on my clothes and the residue of baked carrot sticks in my hair all day long.

And anyway keeping two humans (yourself and baby) fed, watered and alive is a pretty amazing feat and definitely worthy of superwoman status.


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