For the past week we’ve been in cold hell.

It’s been a mix of Calpol, snot suckers and sneezing. Poor Harley has experienced his second cold. His first was pretty terrible but this one was way worse and even after a week hasn’t cleared up fully. And I had it too.

I’m going to be honest with you, I’m not good at dealing with any kind of pain or illness so colds really aren’t my thing. I used to retreat to my bed feeling very sorry for myself watching Friends on Comedy Central with a bottle of Lucozade Lemon (them good old days before the sugar-packed stuff was discontinued) and a bag of Malteasers, and not return to the outside world until the feeling of my face falling off had gone. But now I’m a mum it doesn’t matter. Yes I still felt awful and wanted to stick my head in a bucket of tissues but Harley’s coughing and sneezing was much more important as I constantly fretted about whether he was dehydrated, if he was off his food and was taking him out of the house to get a bit of fresh air a good or bad thing.

Turns out Harley’s a bit tougher than his mum in the illness department and tried to get on with life as normal in between the coughs and sneezes, kind of puts me to shame. But still I thought I’d share some of my tips (mainly products you should buy) as I feel I am now a pro in the business of baby colds. (Just want to point out I’m definitely not a medical expert so if baby is unwell it’s probably worth getting them checked out by your doctor).

1. Snuffle Nasal Aspirator (aka the Snot Sucker)
It does as it says really. Not the most pleasant thing to do on a Monday morning but a sure fire way of helping baby to feel less bunged up so well worth it.

2. Calpol Vapour Plug and Nightlight
Shout out to my friend Lola on this one as she recommended this. It’s great for bedtime. I’m not keen on using any vapour rubs so this slow-releasing vapour plug, which lasts eight hours, is ace and makes the room smell really nice.

3. Lots of steam.
Create your own steam room by sitting in the bathroom with the shower on the hottest setting for a while. It’s not environmentally friendly nor is it kind to your water bill if you’re on a metre, and if you’re prone to frizz you will leave the bathroom looking like Monica Bing during a trip to Barbados, but it will help baby.

4. Rehydrate baby.
Harley’s actually really good at drinking water from his sippy cup but during The Cold he wasn’t so keen so in order to get him to drink more water I put it in an ordinary bottle, which seemed to do the trick. I’m sure he’s just waiting for the day he can talk just to say ‘Mum please stop checking my soft spot to see if it’s “slightly sunken”‘.

5. Cuddles.
Harley’s always been a cuddlier but when he’s poorly he just wants cuddles from mummy. Pretty much like me. I may be 29 but when I’m feeling a bit rubbish I still get a cuddle off my mum. 

6. Chocolate.
Obviously for you not baby. Chocolate is always the answer.

I’m sure you all have other tips too to share so please do by commenting below.

And if you or baby are currently suffering from The Cold, I’m sorry, I feel your pain. Get well soon.

E x


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