Seven months.

This week Harley turns seven months old. I know everybody says this but genuinely I can’t believe how quickly the past seven months gone.

In the past couple of weeks big things have happened. We’ve kind of turned a corner with weaning (I’m literally crossing my fingers so hard and touching wood as I write this), Harley’s learnt lots of new skills like clapping and standing up whilst holding onto the sofa (I’m so proud I could write a whole blog just dedicated to how happy and overwhelming proud I am when Harley claps his hands) and I’ve finally stopped keeping a log of every feed Harley has. This is big news. I’ve been obsessed with doing this everyday since Harley was born, seriously I have a list of every feed, including times and ounceage, since I returned to the world approximately 12 hours after giving birth having been pumped full of drugs and anti sickness medication. Anyhow, the past seven months have been the best. I’ve learnt lots and surprised myself ALOT. So I thought I’d share some of my learnings…

  1. Everything is different. 

It really is but not in a bad way. In the most amazing way. The way I view everything has changed. As has the way I do things. I guess when you’re pregnant/with child/preggo (whatever floats your boat) you are so focused on looking after yourself because in turn you’re looking after baby but that all goes out the window when baby arrives. In the first few months I’d forget to have breakfast, get to midday and realise I hadn’t had a cup of tea and not wash my hair for a week. But it really didn’t matter because I was spending all my time making sure that Harley was happy, healthy and content. I’d like to think I’ve totally mastered it now but there’s still days when I’m sat in my pjs at lunchtime trying to remember the last time I washed my hair.

     2.  You will do anything in the world for your tiny human being.

I know that you obviously expect this but seriously you will. If they’re poorly you’ll do anything to make them better, even if it’s sucking snot out of their nose. You’ll sing for 10 minutes straight on the aeroplane as it’s the only thing that stops your baby from crying on take-off (just ask my dad, he had to listen to me singing ‘Daisy’ approximately 35 times) despite the fact that everybody who has ever heard you sing has told you that you have an awful voice. And you won’t even blink if you get poo on your hand, in you hair or on your jeans, in fact you’re lucky if you’ve had chance to get rid of it within five minutes. But it really doesn’t matter but you will seriously do anything for your little bundle of joy.

                                         Mastering new skills.

    3.    It really doesn’t matter.

For me one of the hardest things I found during the first few weeks was not being able to get the housework done. Silly I know. I’m a massive perfectionist and have always been obsessed with keeping the house clean and tidy, and majorly stepped it up a notch whilst on maternity leave so when suddenly I had no time to mop the kitchen floor, vac the stairs and clean the oven I panicked. And then one day I realised, it really doesn’t matter. As long as Harley was fed, happy and contented nobody cared whether the light switches had been dettoled or if the porch had been vaccummed. And when I finally cleaned the oven two weeks ago it felt sooooo good! 

  4.   Don’t try and anticipate or plan, just go with it.

I’ve always been a list person – obviously listing one or two things I’ve already done to get myself off to a good start. Nowadays though my to-do lists are really just wish lists, which consist of the same things daily, I.e. Clean the windows, put the mountain of items sat in the spare room on ebay and sort through my receipts. But one thing Harley has made me much better at is being on time. I’ve always been the late one but since having Harley I’ve got so much better at being early especially for classes, mainly egged on by my competitive nature which makes me want to get there early to get a good parking space…

   5.  Enjoy every second.

Seriously time really flies. At ridiculous speed. It’s scary in fact. Don’t wish away the time away at all, just enjoy every moment, even the nighttime feeds and cuddles. 

E x


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