Baby Brain.

It’s something people joke about once they find out you’re pregnant and repeat throughout the next how many months whenever you make a mistake, forget something or turn up to work in your slippers.* The struggle is real.

But the thing nobody warns you about is the fact that baby brain stays. It doesn’t disappear straight after labour, it doesn’t even begrudging disappear gradually over time (I’m talking about you baby weight), in fact it stays and at some points it gets worse.

Harley is seven months old and this week my baby brain is probably the worse it’s been. I’ve spent the last week doing circuits around the house trying to find something I keep forgetting, I’ve failed to finish any conversations I’ve started as I’ve forgotten what I’m talking about and today I thought it was Wednesday 14th October mainly due to the fact that I forgot I’d already changed the calendar in the kitchen and changed it again to a new day.

Baby brain is pretty rubbish but it has its perks too. Just think of all those extra calories you’re burning when you run up the stairs for the 15th time in an hour trying to find the baby wipes you’re already holding.

I’ve put this new surge in baby brainess (my new term, Oxford Dictionary you can totally have that) down to having too much to think about and in my opinion a nice day at a spa would be the perfect remedy (just hedging my bets in case the boyfriend is reading). Seriously though it has got to the point where I’m having to set reminders on my phone to do the simplest things and I’m constantly forgetting the names of all my favourite people on telly, and anybody that knows me will know this is a bad state of affairs.

A friend or mine told me today that she’d read baby brain can live with you for up to seven years so only another six and a bit to go…

* Just to be clear I’ve never done this.


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