The things nobody tells you about being a mum.

Becoming a mum is such a big deal. It’s the hugest thing you’ll ever do and suddenly everyone is full of advice. i.e. “Oooh you definitely need to get this pushchair” and “Make sure you get plenty of sleep because when baby arrives you’ll never sleep again.”

But there’s lots that people don’t tell you. So I thought I’d put together a little list of some of my findings so far, almost nine months into motherhood (seriously where did those nine months go?!).

  • You genuinely forget to do the simplest tasks. Like eating and drinking, even going for a wee. Seriously.
  • You become a woman possessed when you enter the supermarket car park looking for a parent and child space. And don’t even get me started with the level of anger you’ll feel when you see some guy getting out of his top of the range BMW with NO CHILD. Arrrgh.
  • You uncover a new inner lioness you had no idea lived inside you. If anything/anyone does anything to even slightly upset your child you will lose your shit.

Me and my bestie.


  • Just when you think you’ve established a routine baby starts teething/gets a cold/enters a new leap* and throws everything out of the window. *See next point
  • Babies go through developmental leaps where they learn a load of new skills all at once. It’s called Wonder Weeks and it’s pretty ace. It total explains why one night baby will sleep 12 hours straight and the next they’re wide awake trying to crawl. I’ve got the app on my phone, which alerts me to when a new leap is about to start based on Harley’s birthdate.
  • You will do anything to make your child smile. Sing in public, pull faces in a crowd, dance to the Strictly theme tune every night – totally Harley’s favourite moment of the day.
  • You lose all concept of time. It’s 11am on a Tuesday morning right? Wrong. It’s 3pm on a Thursday afternoon.
  • And finally you change. 100%. And it’s the best ever change. Your priorities, your way of thinking, everything.

Have you got any of your learnings to add? Tell me by commenting below…

E x


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