Me 2014 Vs Me 2015

So this weekend has mainly been about icky mouth ulcers. Literally hundreds of them. Well not hundreds but at least ten. At first it was suspected hand, foot and mouth but now it seems the doctor thinks it’s something to do with a low immune system. Nice. Anyway it struck me that I haven’t really had time to dwell on it too much (well apart from the hourly updates to my mum, dad and boyfriend) and have soldiered on in true mummy style. For anybody that knows me this is new. I am, well was and still occasionally, a huge drama queen when it comes to being poorly but it seems now that I’ve changed. A big yay for all involved!

It also got me thinking about some of the other things that have changed so in true me style I’ve put together a list. Don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but I love lists…

On fireworks…

Me 2014: Ahh fireworks. They’re so pretty and sparkly and magical.

Me 2015: I hate fireworks. They’re so loud and inconvenient. And who’s bright idea was it to start letting them off at nighttime when babies and children are trying to sleep.


Me 2014. Just three days before having Harley.


On chocolate biscuits…

Me 2014: I really shouldn’t have another biscuit.

Me 2015: I managed to get baby poo in my hair today and didn’t realise for two hours, I’m having another biscuit.

On being pampered…

Me 2014: I’m feeling so pampered after my day at the spa/massage/pedicure.

Me 2015: I’m feeling so pampered today, I washed my hair. For the first time in six days.


Being pampered.


On parent/child spaces…

Me 2014: Suppose these spaces are a good idea really, I’ve never really thought about it…

Me 2015: I swear if I can’t find a parent and child space I am going to lose my shit. I’ll sit and wait by this car because I guarantee they don’t have a baby or child with them. And then when they get back I’ll be all passive aggressive by huffing and giving them evil looks.

On handbags…

Me 2014 (specifically Christmas 2014 whilst trying to justify a new bag) : I love my new Michael Kors tote so much and will use it everyday. And just look how practical it is for when baby arrives, I will totally use it then.

Me 2015: Sooo the Michael Kors bag… It’s still so pretty but I don’t have enough hands to carry it whilst I’ve got the changing bag and bag full of food and treats as well toys and pushing the pushchair.

On the essentials…

Me 2014: I can’t go anywhere without my phone, purse and MAC Lip Conditioner.

Me 2015: I can’t go anywhere without my changing bag, nappies, sippy cup, snacks including cold toast (Harley’s favourite), spare outfit, muslins, dribble bibs and baby wipes. Never forget the baby wipes.

What changes have you seen in yourself since becoming a mummy? Tell me by commenting below.

E x


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  1. December 2, 2015 / 10:41 pm

    Love this!! Totally agree with the bag thing! Xx

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