Happy NY.

Oh hey 2016. You’ve got a tough act to follow as 2015 was pretty ace. The year I became a mummy.

I’ve not posted for a month, mainly because I’ve been completely and utterly consumed by Christmas. I became one of those annoying people who burst into Christmas songs randomly at 3pm on a Monday afternoon and insisted on wishing every person I came into contact with a very Merry Christmas. I watched every Christmas film I could get my hands on – I think Harley liked Love Actually the best, mainly because I sang and danced ALOT – and MTV Xmas was the channel of choice (well until the boyfriend finished work for the holidays and then Uncle Rodney and Del Boy moved in on UK Gold). I guess what I’m trying to say is I became obsessed with Christmas and making Harley’s first Christmas perfect, and it was. Minus his snotty nose and vomiting his Christmas dinner all over his highchair!

Christmas Jumper

Feeling festive for Christmas Jumper Day.

And now it’s 2016. I don’t usually have resolutions but I’ve decided this year I need to get more organised. I’m thinking more lists and getting round to sorting out the massive pile of receipts and letters sat on my dining table. Everyday is about making memories as Harley learns and grows and thankfully my mum and dad brought me the Mom’s One Line A Day diary so I can keep a track and record these memories (I definitely recommend it, you can buy it here) over a five-year period – just need to make sure I fill it in everyday now!


Mom's Line A Day

Mom’s One Line A Day – a great memory book/diary for keeping a log of your little one growing up.

I’m also planning to blog more. I love writing and definitely need to make more time to do it. I’ve also got this rather fancy blog planner from The Bloggers Planner and I’m super excited to start using it.


Blog Planner

My Bloggers Planner so I can be super organised in 2016.

Oh and finally, I really need to wash my hair more. #Mumprobs.


Did you have a lovely Christmas and what are you planning to change for 2016?

Aspiring Yummy Mummy x


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