Harley’s January Wardrobe.

Over Christmas Harley has definitely (like his mummy) had a growth spurt (although mine is definitely just holiday weight mainly due to the 114 roast potatoes and approximately 226 Malteasers I’ve consumed) meaning that we’re in desperate need of a few new additions to his wardrobe. Yes!

I love shopping for Harley, it tops all my other favourite kinds of shopping (i.e. items for the home, bedding and new clothes for me). I’ve not done it before but I thought I’d share some of the items I’ve been buying/plan to buy soon.

In terms of where I buy Harley’s clothes I mainly stick to Gap, Next, Zara and H&M on the high street as well as turning to lots of gorgeous online stores I’ve found on Instagram. Harley’s wardrobe colour scheme pretty much follows mine – black, grey, white and occasional a tartan print. Oh with occasional splash of khaki and denim.

Harley's January Wardrobe.

Credits (Clockwise starting top left)

Design Your Own Pom from RyderL – we’ve got a grey beanie with a white pom, it’s sooo cute.

Pocket Tee from Ra An Roo.

XOX Leggings in Khaki from Zara.

Wild Boy Sweatshirt from H&M.

Soft Stretch Jeans from Next – much stretcher than normal jeans so comfier.

So these are just a few of the pieces from Harley’s wardrobe this January, who says January has to be boring?!

Aspiring Yummy Mummy x


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