Mum Moments.

We’ve all had them. The moments you never anticipated. The ones that bring unity and provide funny anecdotes that you can share and bond with other mums over at baby groups. I’m talking about the moments of sheer panic, excitement, pride and fear, sometimes all at once. Here are just a few of them:

The ‘Just about to leave the house nappy situation’ moment.

Every parent has got to have experienced this at least once. You’re already running 35 minutes later than planned and have locked the house up twice having forgotten the baby wipes/snacks/dummy but finally you’re in the car, baby is in their car seat and you’re ready to go. And then it happens… baby’s poo face game is strong. Back into the house to start again.

Mum Moments. The Aspiring Yummy Mummy.

The Lioness moment.

I’ve talked about this before, your inner lioness. She can stay quiet for days, weeks even, so long you can sometimes forget that she’s there. But then one wrong move by some unsuspecting idiot and boom… she’s arrived. The person that tuts when your baby cries in a coffee shop, the lady that moves your pushchair when it’s in her way when you’re in Clintons (that actually happened) or the incompetent driver that almost caused a collision whilst your baby is chilling in the back whilst you’re mid-way through the 15th verse of Old MacDonald. Hell have no fury that a mum’s inner lioness.

The ‘What happened last night?’ moment.

You’d been fantasising about it for weeks – a full night’s sleep – and then when it does happen you wake up in a crazy panic. Did you sleep through your baby crying? Is your baby ok? Did I even have a baby? Was it all a dream? It’s like beer fear but 1000 times worse. Of course once you’ve checked on baby and you know they’re actually ok, you can sprint back to bed and make the most of your lie-in whilst basking in the glory of your child sleeping through the night.

The ‘Mission Impossible stylee sprint for the phone’ moment.

This one only really applies to those who still use a landline. Picture the scene… You’ve just spent 20 minutes trying to get your little one to sleep for a mid-afternoon nap, they’ve finally dropped off and you’ve managed to somehow place them in their cot without waking them and all you can think about is sitting on that sofa with a cup of tea and biscuit in hand. And then it happens, shit it’s the landline. You sprint up the stairs to try and find your super handy hands-free phone but can’t remember where you’ve left it. It rings and rings, each time you shush it and just as you find it in the most random place you can think of it, it stops. Phew, somehow baby is still asleep and to be fair you’ve done your exercise for the week so smugly you make your way back down the stairs. And then you hear the dreaded sound of your mobile phone ringtone and realise you’ve left it in baby’s bedroom… Hand, palm, face.

The ‘Wait, was that a kick inside my stomach?’ moment. 

Now this is something nobody ever told me to expect. My phantom kicks began when Harley was about three months old and sent me into a panic. For those who haven’t experienced them they are literally like the kicks and flutters you feel when actual baby is moving around in your tummy only they come after baby has been born. Cue several moments of panic… 1. Oh my god, was that a baby? 2. Did they leave one in there? 3. No that’s just silly of course they didn’t… 4. Oh god there must be a new one in there. In reality it’s perfectly normal so the internet tells me…

Have you experienced any of these mum moments? Or have anything to add? Tell me by commenting below…

Aspiring Yummy Mummy x


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  1. February 1, 2016 / 7:55 pm

    I’ve had the kicks! I thought I was mad! (Hence I never mentioned it) x

    • February 1, 2016 / 8:07 pm

      Haha that’s funny! I do feel like somebody should warn you as you’re leaving hospital. Was genuinely concerned there was another one in there, ha! X

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