Mummy Outtakes.

When I started my maternity leave (almost a year ago now *shocked face*) I had images of lazy mornings in bed with my little baby, relaxing strolls around the village I live in with the sun beaming down and finally learning how to cook. I’m not going to lie those things have happened but not always to plan. Over the last 10 months we’ve had enough moments to fill a whole outtakes show, as I imagine many parents have, so I thought I’d share some of our best ones…

  • When the relaxing lunch with your mum and nan goes wrong. Set the scene: nice little coffee shop, you’ve just fed baby their lunch and have tucked into yours when suddenly projectile vomit and a leaky nappy arrives all at once. Cue crying baby, one mummy covered in remnants of chicken casserole and a fruit pot, a nanny desperately trying to find some clean clothes in the changing bag and one great nanny on her hands and knees trying to mop up sick off the floor with some napkins. Safe to say we haven’t been back there since.
  • The moment when you drop your iPhone into a dirty nappy. Face down.
  • When your baby starts crawling for the first time it’s the most amazing moment, even better when you’re mid nappy change and they have their trousers around their ankles.
  • The moment your boyfriend’s trousers fall down as he’s carrying a crying baby covered in poo up the stairs for a bath. (Sorry Tom.)
  • And the moment he puts his foot right into a dirty nappy. (Sorry again.)
  • The time when you’re feeling all yummy mummy-like when strolling around the village on an epic walk and it starts to pour down. Like epic rain. No hood, no umbrella, just soaked.
The Aspiring Yummy Mummy - Mummy Outtakes

When baby decides lunch would look better on you.

These moments are some of the best. The ones that make you laugh, again and again, sometimes even when you’re telling them. I cry when relaying the story of Tom’s loose-fitting trousers. Not to sound all soppy but these moments are so special, sure things don’t always go to plan but you’ll remember them forever and they give you some wonderful stories to tell.

Do you have any mummy outtakes to share? Share them by commenting below..

Aspiring Yummy Mummy x



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