Mum Power.

Being a mum is (in my opinion) the best job in the world but there’s no getting away from the fact it’s hard. You’ll have days where you’re knackered, can’t remember the last time you washed your hair and have a laundry pile the size of a house. But these will be matched and exceeded by the most wonderful moments of joy and pride as your little one learns and grows each and everyday.

There were lots of things that I expected to come along with being a new mum i.e. lack of sleep and a slightly baggy tummy. But I was surprised by something I never really knew existed; mummy judgement. I’ve not (to my face anyway) experienced it personally but I’ve seen lots online and it’s usually the celebs that take the flack.

Only last week Sam Faiers from TOWIE was absolutely slated on social media for calling her son Paul, which was deemed too ‘ordinary’ and ‘boring’. Soz name police. I also spotted her sister, Billie, getting lots of abuse on Instagram for sharing a picture of her daughter wearing a winter coat in her car seat.

And this week I read an article about Rachel Stevens having to defend herself for leaving her two daughters in the car whilst she ran into a shop.

The sad thing is many of the commenters are mums themselves. Those that know how it feels to have eyes rolled at them when their baby cries in a coffee shop or has been tutted at when they’ve tried to navigate the pushchair through a tight space in a restaurant and accidentally knocked somebody’s chair. From the second baby is born there’s judgement; breastfeeding or formula feeding – there always seems to be an issue with whichever you do. Stay at home mum or working mum? Neither is right apparently.

What I’m getting at is that mums have enough judgement to tend with on a daily basis so let’s stop turning on one another and help each other out.

A new baby doesn’t come with a manual so everybody is doing their best and ultimately learning everyday so let’s cut each other a bit of slack and start celebrating the good things. Positively and good vibes.

Rant over. Hope y’all had a great weekend.
The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. X


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  1. February 2, 2016 / 12:08 am

    All very true – thank God my days of mom and tot groups are well and truly over – instead of mom’s supporting each other – it was a bitch fest – horrible! Great post x

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