Hands up.

Hands up if…

You haven’t brought yourself any new clothes since forever yet baby’s wardrobe is an Instagram dream. Harley has enough clothes to stock a department store but I can’t stop buying. But when it comes to buying clothes for me I give up after two minutes, it’s so much more fun buying for him.

A simple ‘How’s Baby?’ gets a 10 minute long answer detailing the latest milestones they’ve reached, how they’re sleeping, what new foods they’ve tried and what words they’re trying to say. I know I’m doing it but I don’t care. Proud mama alert. #notsorry

You haven’t finished a conversation in about a year. I don’t get to the end of a sentence anymore before starting a new one because 1) my brain has switched topic and/or 2) I can see Harley zooming straight over to that pretty, shiny, extremely breakable thing*. *Usually a large telly.

You’ve been meaning to get round to that post-pregnancy healthy eating but still aren’t quite there. I tried but then there was a holiday, and then it was my birthday and then it was winter, and now it’s a Friday and everybody knows it’s acceptable to skip lunch and have four chocolate biscuits and a cup of tea instead. I’d love to be that girl who could share pictures of her deliciously healthy meals on Instagram with #cleanliving but I like chips too much.

A snapshot into Harley's wardrobe. Who cares if mine's rubbish?!

A snapshot into Harley’s wardrobe. Who cares if mine’s rubbish?!

You’re secretly quite worried that baby is going to end up with a weird American (Friends – my fault) and Cockney (Only Fools and Horses – the boyfriend’s fault) accent due to the programmes that are on in the background. Genuinely worried that Harley’s going to think that Del and Rodney live with us.

You will do anything for a bit of sleep. Harley has always been an amazing sleeper pretty much from the time he was born. With a few exceptions (dreaded sleep regressions) he was sleeping through the night at eight weeks old. But then last month we hit a bump and we’ve had about a month of broken sleep. The only thing that seems to be getting him back to sleep is to come and share our bed, which is a habit I didn’t want to get into but when it’s 3am and you’re so tired you could fall asleep standing up you’ll do anything to make baby happy.

If ‘Happy and you know it’ is your go-to song. Trying to change baby’s nappy whilst they’re having an almighty paddy? Trying to keep them entertained in a restaurant? See that they’re starting to get a bit bored in their pushchair? ‘Happy and you know it’ will buy you just that little bit more time!

Your memory is destroyed. I used to have the best memory and now I’m forever forgetting everything. Conversations, things to do and why I’ve walked into the kitchen. Oh well.

If your living room is now just a playroom with sofas and a TV. Minimal living room is now awash with a sea of red, blue and yellow toys.

You’ve never been happier. Sure I’m tired and forgetful and I carry a backpack (which my boyfriend is totally embarrassed by) but I have Harley and he’s the smiliest, cutest, most loving little boy. He might wake in the night but he genuinely just wants to hang out with his mum and dad. Who can blame him? We are pretty cool.

Do any of these apply to you? Tell me by commenting below…

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  1. May 20, 2016 / 9:25 pm

    Don’t forget the change of the bathroom from romantic candles, beautiful and expensive products to no more tears shampoo and silly bath toys with mildew on them.

    • May 21, 2016 / 12:09 pm

      Haha definitely. A relaxing bath nowadays usually includes Pete the Pirate staring right back at me in his pirate ship. X

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