Dear Me (A Year Ago).


You’re super pregnant right now. People keep looking at you with sympathetic eyes and smiles, and to be fair you’re struggling to get around because you’ve grown so far outwards you have to sleep about three miles away from Tom in bed.

You’re feeling pretty nervous, scared in fact, about labour. I’m not going to lie it hurts. But an epidural is your best friend. Labour is tough but you’ll forget about it, a year on I’m still only just remembering moments from the day.


A week before due date.

Life is different, even more than you expect. But it’s the best. Your Sunday mornings will no longer be spent in bed with a bacon sandwich and a cup of tea watching Friends, instead you’ll be  up at 7am and trying to fend off your soon to be toddler who is desperately trying to get a bite of your toast despite already polishing off a bowl of porridge and a piece of toast.

You’re wondering how different sleep is going to be once baby arrives. I’ll be honest, it can be tough. Broken sleep is a killer and people will tell you to sleep when baby sleeps during the day, sorry Emma but that doesn’t work for you. You try but there’s an annoying little voice listing everything that needs to be done in the house and you’ve never been great at sleeping in the day anyway.

Going to let you into a little secret too, Harley likes to sleep. A lot. Day and night so you’re one of the lucky ones. There will be bad times but you’ve got a sleeper so don’t complain too much. Good thing really because you’re a much better version of you when you’ve had eight hours.

You’ve not thought about it yet but in a couple of weeks you’ll be dreading the time that Tom goes back to work. Everybody will tell you you’ll be fine and you’ll smile and say thank you. Really you want to scream that you won’t be. Honestly now, you will be fine. You’ll device your own routine for you and Harley and hanging out just the two of you is so much fun.

I need to warn you that Easter will not be great. Poppy (your darling niece) will infect the family with the worse sickness bug and you will feel like you’re dying. However it does help you shift a few pounds so it’s not all bad. Thankfully Harley gets through the weekend unscathed.

One thing you need to do is treasure every single moment. Every one. Even the sick in hair, poo in nails and wee on your jeans moments. Time flies at a ridiculous speed and before you know it Harley will be on the move and super independent.

This year has been the very best and whilst I’m sad (I guess) that it’s over I’m so excited for life with an official toddler. Everyday he learns something new and it’s just the cutest. My heart literally bursts (well not literally but you know what I mean) when he learns a new skill and can’t wait to show it off. He’s getting good on his feet now and says ‘mum’ pretty much all the time, especially when he wants food or a cuddle.


Mum on a mission.

My final message to you preggo Emma is don’t wish away a second. It’s so easy to wish it was 5pm so Tom is home from work and you can quickly vacuum upstairs or wish that your holiday will come round a bit quicker but don’t miss the moments that are happening right now. Oh and back up your phone you idiot, you’ve now added professional iPhone screen smasher to your CV so you’ll end up losing pictures and videos if you don’t.

Emma aka Aspiring Yummy Mummy. X


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