Winning Moments.

Sometimes you can just wake up and know within seconds it’s going to be a bad day. I had one of those the other day when Harley refused all naps, wouldn’t eat his breakfast and I spilt natural yoghurt all over the sofa (sorry you’re only just reading about this now Tom but I did a good job of cleaning it up, promise. And yes it was on your sofa.)

Anyway in those days it’s important to find the small wins. Even the smallest victories that make you think actually I know what I’m doing here.

1. Having a Perfect Prep machine filter ready and waiting when the red light comes on.

If you don’t have a Perfect Prep machine then you’ll think I’m crazy but the feeling you get when that red light comes on and you don’t have to traipse around 14 shops to try and find a bloody filter is amazing.

2. When you feed baby in public and they eat everything no fuss. Even their strawberries.

I don’t know about you but I feel ridiculously smug when this happens. Harley loves food. Seriously the boy can eat for England but show him a grape, banana, orange (aka anything remotely good for him) and he refuses to even open his mouth. He has a serious talent as he can have a few mouthfuls of yogurt with pieces of strawberry, swallow the yoghurt and then spit out all the strawberry. So if he does eat fruit in public I know it’s going to be an amazing day.


This boy loves his food. But not his fruit.


3. When you find something new that they like and it’s healthy.

If on the very rare occasion Harley shows even the smallest bit of interest in anything healthy I’m on it and instantly dash off to the supermarket to stock up with every flavour and variant they have. And if I’m lucky he’ll eat it for a day at least.

4. When you can ninja-style in and out of their bedroom during naptime without waking them.

This is one of the skills that nobody warns you that you need to develop once you come a mum but it’s a crucial one. Picture the scene. It’s 3pm, baby is sleeping in their cot, you go to do the white washing and you’ve left four dirty white vests in baby’s bedroom. There’s only one thing for it… ninja-style. Creeping, tip-toeing, shushing yourself, whatever it takes really to get the vests out without waking baby. And if you do it, you definitely deserve a cup of tea to celebrate.

5. And on that… drinking a cup of tea. Hot.

I’m not talking lukewarm, I mean proper hot, like just-come-out-of-the-kettle hot. I’ve mentioned it before but I believe Harley’s bodyclock is wired to my kettle so if I can manage to have a hot cup of tea uninterrupted whilst he’s napping I’m definitely winning.

6. When they call you mum in public.

Harley is a proper flirt, such a ladies man. When we’re out and about, usually at the shops, he makes a beeline for all the ladies throwing them all his best moves – 1. a grunt to get their attention 2. a smile usually showing his two teeth, which he’s super proud of, and 3. then demonstrating his shy side by turning his head away – so I don’t really get a look-in. So when he does call me mum when we’re out and about I’m actually brimming with pride!

7. When they give you a kiss and cuddle unprompted.

No explanation needed. Winning at life moment.

Have you had any winning moments recently? Share them by commenting below.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x

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