The things nobody tells you about toddlers.

It’s hard to believe that your baby becomes a toddler at one. One day they’re your little baby who depends on you for everything and then they start moving, want to feed themselves and basically want to explore everything and everywhere.
It’s the most fun having a toddler. They’re like the crazy little drunk person at a party that everybody wants to be friends with. They fall over and get straight back up again, they spill their drink everywhere and regularly walk into other people, walls, chairs, basically anything in their way. 
You read so much about babies and the milestones they’re about to hit and the skills they’ll be learning but when it comes to toddlers you’re left to get on with it, occasionally being asked in the supermarket ‘terrible twos?’ by random shoppers. So I thought I’d share some of my observations…

1. Toddlers are stubborn.

On an hourly basis we have tears because I’ve tried to change Harley’s nappy or moved the glass that was on the side or attempted to take the spoon away once dinner was finished. Evil mummy. One day last week I had to change his nappy whilst he was standing up as he refused to lie down. Cue poo all over the skirting board in our bedroom.

2. Toddlers are strong.

Harley is so much stronger than me. Occasionally we go through bad times with the car seat where he basically hates it and refuses to get in and there’s not anything I can do about it. Cue emotional phone calls to the boyfriend asking him to travel across town to come help me.

Toddler in action, nowhere is safe!

3. Toddlers fully become stunt people. 

The bookcase is now Harley’s Everest, he wants to climb it soooo bad but mean mummy won’t allow him. The stairs are boring now so it’s all about finding challenges including trying to climb the TV. 

4. Toddlers have the most fun.

Honestly Harley finds everything funny. Upsy Daisy talking through a loudhailer on ITNG, watching his grandad pretending to walk into the door and the washing machine just being on, it all makes him so happy. It makes me kind of jealous that I’m not so easily entertained.

5. Toddlers give the best hugs.

Seriously nothing better than your toddler running over to you with their arms wide open to give you a hug. #lifemade

6. Toddlers rule. 

They are so loving and entertaining and fun and learning all the time. It’s the most rewarding thing ever seeing your baby turn into a toddler and learning to walk, feed themselves and say new words.

We’re three months into Toddlerville. It’s fun and challenging and my house is slightly messier but I love it. 
The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. X


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