My Friday Favourite. Part Three.

We’re away on our jollies this week, yay. But come home today, boo.

Anyway this week’s nap times (now one a day as Harley has decided to drop a nap – parents I need advice on how you can get things done with just one nap time a day, arrrgh) have been mainly sponsored by my new favourite book, The Unmumsy Mum.

I’ve been reading Sarah’s blog since Harley was a couple of weeks old and I stumbled upon an actual laugh out loud post about Peppa Pig and then proceeded to share it with every mum I knew.

Sorry but not sorry for including my shiny Shellac nails. Lots of love for this book.

Her book doesn’t disappoint, honestly it’s hilarious at points and refreshingly honest too. I love the mum stereotypes she talks about meeting at baby groups. Definitely worth a read and definitely my Friday favourite.

The book is stocked everywhere although finding a couple in Sidmouth is difficult. I’m definitely a city girl through and through. You can read The Unmumsy Mum’s blog here.
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The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. X


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