7 things I learnt during our first public tantrum. 

Ok, so it’s happened. The moment you know is inevitable but you’re hoping you’re an exception to the rule. I’m talking about the first very public tantrum.  

Ours happened the other week, right slap bang in the middle of the walkway between duvets and cards/stationary/generally just writing shiz that’s cute and looks great in an Instagram pic at John Lewis.
The first public tantrum is a right of passage I think all parents need to face. There’s no feeling like the judgement from every other person in the vicinity, it’s pretty special. I thought I’d share some for the things I learnt from our very first, very loud and very public tantrum.

1. My child is loud. Seriously, I had no idea the sound that could bellow from my 16 month old, 26lbs child. It was loud. Like ‘mum I don’t just want everybody in John Lewis to hear, but the whole of the West Midlands and I’m going to try pretty hard to do that’. Fair play Harls.

2. My child is strong. I don’t just mean strong, I mean like British’s Strongest Man-strong. Toddler strength won. He lay on the floor right across the walkway whilst I tried (but failed) to pick him up.

3. My child likes lifts. A lot. That’s what said tantrum was about. Didn’t care before and doesn’t care now.

4. It’s cute when they’re a newborn. It’s not when they’re a toddler. According to the world. Remember when you had a newborn and they cried in public and everybody around ran over to coo over the baby that must be tired/hungry/just generally being the cutest baby ever? Yeah that doesn’t happen once they’re in a pair of Clarks shoes and a hoodie. You’re just the parent that can’t control their crying child. Thanks world.

5. When my child throws a very public tantrum I laugh. Genuinely thought my first reaction would be tears but no I laughed. A lot. However it have been a different story if I’d been by myself.

6. A quick recovery is impossible. Try getting them back into their pushchair when you’ve just pealed them off the floor. Good luck…

7. The memory leaves them in seconds. One quick blast of ‘What’s the story Balamory’ (no wonder my phone bill is always so ridiculous) and they’ve forgotten. Three weeks later and I’m blogging about it.

So there we have it. The first public tantrum. All the LOLs, one minute later he was the happiest boy in the world dancing to PC Plum singing about the different colour houses sitting by the sea…

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. X


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