Holiday. Part Two. This time with a toddler.

So I’m currently in the throes of major holiday blues. Over the past three months we’ve been lucky enough to go away on three breaks; to Bournemouth with my family, to Devon with the boyfriend’s family and have just returned from two glorious weeks in Spain. This equals a huge crash back to reality.

Last time we visited Spain Harley was five months old and I shared my tips for surviving a trip in the sunshine with a baby (read my tips here). This time Harley is a year older, walking, talking (kinda – fave words include ‘grandad’, ‘kitchen’ and ‘goal’) and eating normal foods. So a whole different kind of trip. Therefore I thought I’d share my tips for surviving a trip in the sunshine with a toddler…

The DreamBaby fan is still the one. In fact we have two now. It kept Harley so cool at all times even when me and the boyfriend were so ridiculously hot. No lie, everywhere we went we were stopped and asked by people where they could get hold of one. I’m seriously considering buying a bulk loading and heading back to Spain to start a new life as a baby fan seller. LOL. Not really, I’d miss Nando’s too much.

I’m a bit funny about highchairs in restaurants (mainly because of my obsession with things being clean) so a few months ago I brought the Chicco Pocket Snack Booster Seat to take out with us when going for dinner. It’s really sturdy and so easy to set-up and has proved a big hit with Harley as he’s sat at table level. It’s also super compact so fit easily into our hand luggage, which filled me with joy as it meant we didn’t have to rely on restaurants’ highchairs every time we went out for dinner. I’d definitely recommend getting one, Harley knows it’s his little seat now so is always more than happy to get in it. Again it was another head-turner with people asking us where we got it from.

Snacks are crucial. I would genuinely say that about 15% of our luggage space was taken up by snacks for Harley. Best decision ever. He’s a huge fan of the Kiddylicious range including Veggie Straws and Quinoa Crisps, which aren’t available outside of the UK, so I decided to take enough to keep us going for 13 days. I also stocked up on Ella’s Kitchen smoothies, biscuits and yoghurts too. Might sound a bit OTT but it saved me having to look for alternatives whilst we were there.

Have you seen the CBeebies iPlayer app? It’s the best. You can download a whole host of programmes including Harley’s faves, Timmy Time, Postman Pat and Gigglebiz (that one’s mainly the boyfriend’s fave) to your device so that they can be watched anytime including when you don’t have WIFI. This equals God Send. We cracked into our first Timmy Time stash approximately 30 minutes into our holiday so it was well worth it and it helped save many an almost-tantrum. For some reason the Timmy Time theme tune sends Harley into dance mode and he just can’t fight it.

Forget the routine. I’m quite a stickler for routine but had to accept that on holiday things change. Bedtimes get much later and naptimes aren’t the same but you quickly establish a new routine. Once you accept this, you’ll be much happier and so will little one. Harley quickly fell into a new routine, which involved a lot of sleep (I think it was the heat), in fact we had the most sleep we’ve had since Harley was born, cue a very happy and well-rested mum and dad.


En-route to holiday.


Take the bubblewrap. Ha not really, that’d be silly. But there are so many more hazards when you’re away from home. There are no locks on the kitchen cupboard doors, no padded mats around the sofa and our apartment had marble flooring throughout. Thankfully Harley was fine and pretty steady the whole holiday but I insisted on holding his hand everywhere.

Ditch the heels and short skirts, it’s all about flats and midis unless you want to flash your knickers and break your ankle.

Other things to add to your list… a good quality sun hat, a pair of sunnies (they probs won’t wear them but they look mega cute in photos) and the My Buggy Buddy Sun Shade.

And finally, enjoy. Harley had such an amazing holiday, he was so happy and smiley all the time, and loved wowing everybody with his dancing (my little boy can definitely move!). All the pre-planning and extra baggage (I went a few kilos over – oops) was definitely worth it.

Hope these tips help anybody stressing about a trip abroad with the little one, it’ll all be fine!

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. X

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