Happy Birthday to me.

Ok so it’s not my actual birthday (that’s in exactly 30 days when I turn 30 -eek!) but it is The Aspiring Yummy Mummy’s.

Celebrating with a cup of yea. Obvs.

A year ago today I started my blog and over the past year I’ve shared a whole load of stories and adventures from Harley and me. There’s been the wonderful moments; the first word, crawling, walking and now talking. And there’s also been the outtake moments (read about some of them here) including leaky nappies, regurgitated formula, mega tantrums and dropping an iPhone in a dirty nappy, face down.

Admittedly I haven’t been consistent with the frequency of posting and I currently have a Drafts section containing 19 unpublished posts but I’m super proud of this blog. My little go to place to share memories and tips, and have a little vent too (read my mummy judgement vent here – I could have written another 15 posts on this since). We’re fully-fledged residents in Toddlerville now so expect a few more ‘funny now, not then’ stories.

Over the past year (366 days to be precise – gotta love a Leap Year) this blog has had thousands of visits, and lots of likes and comments, so thanks y’all. I promise I’m going to get better at publishing these posts.

So how am I going to celebrate this milestone? With a cup of tea and several chocolate biscuits of course. *sassy lady dancing emoji*

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x



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