The Good and The Bad.

They say you’ve got to experience the bad to appreciate the good and this couldn’t be truer in motherhood.

Some days you feel like you’re winning; your Instagram feed is full of a smiling toddler wandering through the park or you’re hosting the most epic messy play session. And then other days it’s all tantrums, refusals to eat the meal you’ve just spent 30 minutes cooking and fighting the urge to sleep despite the fact they’ve not slept in 10 hours. Those days Instagram activity is kept to a minimum, radio silence in fact.

Take for instance my days off last week. I work three days a week and have a Wednesday and Thursday off. Despite what many think, these days aren’t spent in bed until 10am followed by a lazy afternoon on the sofa, if anything we’re up earlier than on work days – Harley’s body clock seems to have synced the wrong way round and I’m often having to wake him to leave the house. Instead we’re up early and ready to go, wanting to make the most of our Mummy and Harley time.

Each day is different and you never really know how it’s going to go. To demonstrate this I have two images that sum up both of these days this week perfectly…



IMG_2934 (1)


I swear Harley was in a mood with me when he woke up on Wednesday as I’d missed his bedtime on Tuesday, which led to a very grumpy breakfast followed by an equally grumpy attempt at naptime, hastily followed by a quick drive in the car to get him to sleep. After naptime and lunch (which went surprisingly well) we met his auntie, cousin and nanny for a walk in the park. This did not go well. Image above is how he was carried around the park for much of the visit. Now I’m hazarding a guess here, as we’ve not been to baby clinic for well over three months, but Harley’s definitely got to be weighing around 2.5 stone and that’s flipping heavy for someone like me who before having a baby couldn’t even move a chair.

Switch to Thursday. After a day, which left me needing to drink a beer, we had the loveliest day. We met daddy for lunch, we had a walk around the park, just the two of us, and had a good five minutes just waving and talking to ducks. And we even popped to the shops, and there was no tantrums, just a disturbing encounter in Pets at Home where we watched live crickets trying to avoid a certain death during an iguana’s mealtime – bit traumatic to be honest but Harley and the other little boy that was watching seemed to find the whole thing thoroughly entertaining.

My point is that everybody has good and bad days. We don’t always share the bad; it’s all too easy to post the nice pictures and we need to remember that when we’re taking a five minute break from the bad days and scrolling through Instagram, Twitter etc. seeing photographs of everybody else having the best day ever.

I love being a mum but some days are hard, and it’s made even harder when you feel like you’re the only one. Well if you’re reading this and having a bad day, I’m telling you that I have them too so you’re not on your own!

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x




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