Toddler Moments.

Life with a toddler is so LOL. Literally, like you will laugh out loud and it doesn’t matter where you are. Toddlers do the funniest things, they should totally make a Secret Life of Toddler style programme.

Moments that have made me laugh out loud recently include…

The Don’t mind me, I’m just lying on the floor mid dance class whilst everybody else dances around me. Not because I’m sad or angry or throwing a tantrum, I just like the feel of the floor on my face’ moment. Fair enough.

The badly timed game of hide and seek on a Monday morning and the ‘oh shit, I’ve lost my child in the house’ moment. I’ll set the scene. It’s Monday morning and we’re supposed to be leaving the house so I can drop Harley off to his Nan and Grandad’s and then carry onto work. I pack the car with Harley watching me in the porch and turn my back for approximately two seconds and he’s gone. There’s no way he’s left the house, he’s either in the kitchen or living room but could I find him? No. Literally the longest five seconds of my life, panicking that he’s been kidnapped by somebody who’s been hiding in the house  and worrying about how I’m going to tell Tom I’ve lost his son. In what felt like a lifetime later, I found him. Hiding behind his chair in the living room, chuckling away to himself that his mum was having a full on meltdown. Not a great start to a Monday.


Just casually lying on the floor. Mid dance class. Just cos.

The ‘I don’t care how busy this train station is, I want to sit down here and therefore I will’ moment. It’s Saturday evening and the station is packed as we wait for Harley’s grandparents to get off the train. Once he spots them he gets so excited that he has to sit down. Slap bang in the middle of the station.

The ‘Mum, I’ve got my own style, stop trying to make cheesy Christmas jumpers work for me’ moment. We were in Asda and I asked him whether he liked several Christmas jumpers one-by-one. The answer to each and every one of them was ‘No’. Gave the couple next to us a good laugh.

The ‘Oh you’ve just tidied that up? Oh dear’ moment. Everyday. I’m sure he gets satisfaction from emptying the shelves of the bookshelf that I’ve just tidied. It seriously makes me laugh out loud when he picks something up and so delicately tips it upside down and lets it drop to the fall with a simple ‘oh dear’ to follow. Then looks up at me with a it-was-a-total-accident-I-swear face.

The ‘Oh God’ moment. You know how toddlers only have to hear something once and then repeat it over and over and over? Harley’s started saying ‘Oh God’ after hearing his nanny say it once and now everything is Oh God. Dropped his cup on the floor? Oh God. It’s started to rain? Oh God. It’s Thursday morning? Oh God.

Toddlers are hilarious. And the best thing is that when you laugh at them, they laugh back 10 times harder. All the laughing smiling emojis.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x



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  1. December 3, 2016 / 12:33 am

    I love his shoes! I have the same ones 🙂

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