8 signs that you watch too much kids TV.

Happy 2017 everybody. Bit slack on the old blog post front, it’s almost February and I’m only just posting my first of 2017, oops. Probs because I’ve been watching too much kids TV, see what I did there?

Before I became a mum I thought Harley would just watch TV as a treat. Then I became a mum and I realised how naïve I was. We don’t watch TV alllllll day but cBeebies is definitely our unofficial favourite channel and we’ve watched the Postman Pat Movie approximately 371 times since Harley received it for Christmas.

We tend to have it on whilst we’re doing other things but have to stop everything when Pat and Jess have defeated the demonic Postman Pat robots and take to the stage to perform Signed, Sealed, Delivered so we can have a little dance.

Anyway, I’ve popped together a handy checklist to find out whether you’re watching too much kids TV.

1.You start to wonder why Norman Price hasn’t been given an ASBO yet. He’s started forest fires, stolen a boat and wasted thousands of pounds of the Fire Service’s time and money getting stuck in boxes, lost in a flood and just generally being a bad influence on all of his friends.

2. And on that, why are the residents of PontyPandy such little firestarters? Surely they need to go on some kind of fire training course. Seriously at least each household must have had about 12 fires.

3. You seriously start to consider a career change. Postman Pat now has a helicopter, motorbike and snowmobile. How cool would that be?

4. You get ridiculously excited when you realise it’s the Peppa Pig ‘Whistling’ episode just so you can see this moment again. Actual laugh out loud moment.

5. You’ve pretty much learnt all you know from Do You Know? on cBeebies. I can now confidently tell you how they make yogurts.

6. You’ve become far too heavily invested in the lives of Topsy and Tim. No lie, my sister rang me at work to tell me that Mossy (their nan’s dog) had died. Totally sad times.

7. You can’t remember what Phil and Holly look like on This Morning. Gone are the days of a newborn baby when you could watch what you wanted on the telly, if it doesn’t have Postman Pat/Bing/Fireman Sam then it’s just not going to work.

8. You haven’t got a clue what’s number one in the charts at the moment (does that phrase make me sound like an old lady? I’m so not down with the kids anymore) but can recite word-for-word the theme tune to Thomas and Friends.

But who cares if you watch too much TV? The programmes are made with kids in mind and almost always have some kind of educational value to them (shout-out to Do You Know?). I just really wish that somebody would have a word with that Norman Price’s mum because it’s getting a bit silly now. Whilst they’re at it they need to tell her to get a coat, she got stranded in the snow the other day with a short-sleeved shirt on.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x



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