The Supermarket.

It’s quite a rarity that it’s just Harley and I on the supermarket trip, I usually leave him at home (with his dad on the weekend, not alone alone) or Tom will come along and keep Harley occupied whilst adding several bottles of different varieties of barbecue sauce to the trolley.

But today it was just the two of us. And fair play to my little man, he was so well-behaved, which could be attributed to the Pom Bears I gave to him as soon as we got into Sainsburys at 10.30am – don’t judge. But life at the supermarket with a small toddler isn’t easy.

Parents of young kids spend a fortune at supermarkets. We’ll spend thousands of pounds a year on nappies that are worn just a few hours and then thrown away, extortionate amounts of money of formula and a small fortune on the toys that have so helpfully been positioned at eye level for the toddlers. And don’t even get me started on the magazines. ‘Let’s get him a Thomas the Tank magazine, it’ll be cheaper than a new toy… What £4.99?! For 8 pages and some stickers?’ Try saying no to a toddler in the middle of Sainsburys on a Saturday afternoon, I dare you.

With that in mind, supermarkets I’m begging you, please make life easier for parents. Just very small, simple steps that will help…

Move the parent/child spaces.

I’m not bothered about being right outside the door, I’d rather be parked mid-way across the car park where some knobhead in a fast, supped-up car wouldn’t dream of parking. I’ve seen actual rows between parents and people who wrongly park in parent/child spaces. Believe it or not, parents of small kids do need more space to get in and out of the car. One time when Harley was a few months old, I couldn’t park in one of the spaces as they were all full, having parked in a normal space I returned to the car to find that the car next to me was parked so close that I couldn’t open the door to put Harley’s car seat back into the car.

On that note, add more parent/child spaces.

Or just make your existing spaces bigger. It’s not just the parents that struggle, imagine being nine months pregnant and trying to squeeze out of a tiny gap between your car and the next one.

Put trolley bays closer to the parent/child spaces.

At my local supermarket, you have to return back to the entrance to put back your trolley. Unless your super powers is to carry eight bags, bottles of water, a toddler and their backpack filled with bribing snacks, toys and wipes, then it means a trip to the car then back again.

Make the walkways between the tills wider.

I totally get it, you want to fit as many in as you can but it can get quite awkward when you get wedged between two trollies.

Install some kind of signage to remind you to bring your own bags at the door.

This is a personal request, I pretty much leave my bags in the car every time. My life has become a cycle of buying bags for life and forgetting them. One of those signs they have the airport that reminds you once you’re through the doors there’s no going back, should work.

This might sound a bit moany and it could be due to the cold I’m suffering from (no lie, worse cold I’ve ever had), the red nose I’m sporting and the fact that I have a small nipple growing out of my chin (bit dramatic, it’s a spot) but please supermarkets make life a little easier for parents!

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x



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