The First Trimester.

So you may have seen, our family is growing and we’re all so excited and can’t wait for our little man or lady to join us in December – Christmas Day to be exact if my due date is anything to go by.

You may have noticed I’ve been pretty quiet over the past few months, that’s because I’ve been living in the first trimester, aka The World’s Longest Hangover. There are so many amazing things that take place during this time including actually discovering you’re pregnant (not if you’re my sister but that’s another story) and the first scan but for many including me, it’s accompanied by nausea, the most violent vomiting, food aversions and random cravings (FYI mine was and occasionally still is McDonald’s chicken nuggets). Thought I’d share some of my first trimester observations with you…

  • I have spent 98.5% of my salary on food. An aversion to the oven even being switched on in my house has meant that we’ve become reliant on takeaways and meals out a lot. It has lead to me discovering lots of restaurants that offer takeaway so win really. And no washing up. Double win.
  • Preggo vomming is brutal. Not to be too graphic but it’s painful and comes out of your nose. Next you’re eating a piece of toast. Nice.
  • Hormones really can be blamed. I’m not a crier but I’ve cried a lot recently. At feeling poorly, at feeling guilty for crying about feeling poorly, at Nashville, at Phillip Schofield’s intro at the British Soap Awards (no idea why either). The list is endless.
  • The first trimester clothing situation is hard. Some people don’t show for a while, not me. Literally as soon as I’ve weed on that stick I’ve got a bump and my boobs have already gone up a cup size.
  • The tiredness is extreme. I’ve had epic 13 hour sleeps, random naps and I’m pretty sure I almost fell asleep whilst having a shower.
  • The first trimester is hard when you’ve got a toddler. Harley’s been really good and understanding and gets that there’s a baby in mummy’s tummy but it’s tough when you’re trying to be entertaining Mummy and doing fun things when you just want to vom into your hands. Hopefully I’ve succeeded in trying to keep life as normal as possible for Harley although I think he’s probably slightly confused as to why he kept finding me with my head in the kitchen cupboards – that’s where I had to eat when I didn’t want Harley to see the chicken nuggets – I’m trying to set a good example here people.

But it’s all so worth it and I wouldn’t change it for the world. We’re so happy to be expecting again and growing our family, and I’m positive that Harley is going to love being a big brother.

Baby Bump - 15 weeks

Baby bump at 15 weeks.

I’ve also read and heard about so many ladies who have had it so much worse and suffered with uncontrollable sickness, at least I could attempt to curb mine with a box of 9 chicken McNuggets.

I’m probably going to bore you for the next few months with bump pictures and news of our disagreements on baby names – I’m desperately trying to convince Tom that Woody is a great boys name but it’s not going well.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x


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