Pregnancy Update: 21 Weeks.

So I’ve decided I’m going to start posting weekly (ha wish me luck!) updates on how preggo life is treating me so that I have something to look back on this time next year when no doubt I’ll be missing bump and experiencing major bump envy. (Don’t worry mum, I promise no more babies after this one!)

So I’m almost 22 weeks pregnant now with baby number 2 and still struggling with the tiredness. After 5pm on Wednesday this week I’m pretty sure I cooked dinner, did Harley’s bedtime and some online shopping with my eyes closed. Ultimate multi-tasker.

Weight Gain: No idea, but we were on a rowing boat last week and the side I was sitting on was definitely dipping further into the water. Tom (a grown man) had to even out my weight by shifting from the middle to sit on the opposite side. Oh man.

Exercise: Ha. I think I walked up the stairs the other day at work.

Icky morning sickness?: Still having wobbles, which is mainly induced by drinking cups of tea first thing in the morning without some kind of food. Also had a couple of almost-vom moments but thankfully my trusty McDonalds chicken nuggets sorted me right out.

Fruit of the week: Well according to my trusty app, baby is currently the size of a Cantaloupe.

How’s the belly button looking?: It changes all the time but I’m definitely heading for a full-time outie very soon. Ahh man, my tummy is going to look like one giant nipple all over again (see evidence from my pregnancy with Harley below).

The Nipple

The Giant Nipple. #throwback

Sleep: Urgh. I’ve always been so good at the sleeping thing but not right now. And some knobhead aeroplane decided to sound like it was about to drop from the sky the other night so that woke me up and meant I was awake for hours looking at heated airers.

Irrational moment of the week: No tears this week but I did decide to start vacuuming my kitchen cupboards and cutlery drawer whilst Harley was eating brekkie the other morning.   

Favourite moment of the week: Whilst reading Harley his favourite bedtime story (Charlie Cook’s Favourite Book) baby girlie started kicking, I told Harley and he instantly put his hand on my belly and started calling ‘baby sister’. Made my heart ache but in a good way.

Milestones: Baby girl is kicking harder this week and I’m feeling general movements a lot more, which is great because according to my notes from my 20 week scan I have an anterior placenta. I can also see my belly moving a lot more now when she’s kicking.

Nursery progress: Slow. But I did get rid of lots of stuff the other day and I have a plan now. Meanwhile her leggings game is strong and her wardrobe is going to be pretty ace. All the important things right?


21 weeks pregnant

21 weeks pregnant.


My new mission is to update every week, promise! You can read my take on the First Trimester here. Spoiler…  it was icky!

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x


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