Pregnancy Update: 22 weeks.

The weeks are flying by and I can’t believe that over half way through now. This week has been busy, a trip to London with work (the train made me soooo tired), lots of running around and a new found obsession with decluttering everywhere I go.

Bump is growing at rapid speed and I basically have no clothes – thank God for payday this week. I’ve also resorted to wearing old t-shirts to bed that we bought back in our teens from Hard Rock Café and our favourite restaurant in Spain as my PJs just about cover my boobs.

Weight Gain: I should probably weigh myself soon, bit scared of looking at scales.

Exercise: My school of dance is in full swing now with my two students, Harley and his cousin, Poppy. Our specialist dance is ‘Let it Go’ from Frozen, which we performed for our audience this week. It basically involves a lot of running around in circles and arm movements but equals major exercise for me. Had to have a cup of tea to recover afterwards.

Icky morning sickness?: No sickness but the nausea hasn’t fully left yet. Urgh. Also Harley chose a bag of Wotsits at the shop the other day, which incited a little bit of heaving on my behalf – not sure if that’s a pregnancy thing tho, I’ve always hated Wotsits.

Fruit of the week: At eggplant/aubergine status now. Bump status is now at beach-ball-under-a-dress level.

How’s the belly button looking?: Almost there and then I’m officially in the outie club.


22 weeks

22 weeks pregnant.

Sleep: No problems getting to sleep, it’s staying asleep that’s the problem. Got my old faithful pregnancy pillow back out, which is helping. Harley’s also perfected a schedule of early morning wake-ups vs lie-ins dependent on the days I’m at work. Work = lie-in. No work = early morning wake-up. He does come and ask me if I want a cup of tea so that’s mega cute and more than makes up for the early start.

Irrational moment of the week: Nesting instinct has turned up a notch. I felt compelled to clean my ovens last night at 9.30pm but unfortunately discovered that I had no scouring pads. This deeply upset me. Tom even offered to try and find a shop that would be open and selling scouring pads at 9.30pm on a Saturday night. In the end I decided it probably wasn’t the best time to start cleaning the oven and did a Logic puzzle instead. So rock and roll.

I’ve also decided that everything in my house annoys me (people not included – don’t worry Tom!) and I’m slowly decluttering and throwing away anything I can.

Favourite moment of the week: Harley is so excited to meet his baby sister and keeps telling me what we need to buy for her – mainly ‘nummies and teddies’. He also told me this week whilst in the car that he’s excited for his baby sister to sit next to him in her ‘small car seat, next to Harley’s big car seat’.

Milestones: Well baby girl is definitely on the move because the kicks are higher and I’m sure I’m getting punches in my lower belly now. I could be completely wrong but I’m seeing the midwife in a couple of weeks and think she’ll tell me by that point that she’s head up top. Baby girl also booted Tom in the face the other night when he tried to rest his head on my belly, lol.

Nursery progress: No progress as such this week but I did find this mega cute stool in Mama’s and Papa’s, which she obviously needs.



The cutest stool I’ve ever seen.

One thing I am loving this week though is my hair. I forgot how good pregnancy hair is but also remember how horrible post-pregnancy hair loss is.

You can read last week’s pregnancy update here.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x


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