Pregnancy Update: 23 Weeks.

I’m so close to the six month mark now, where has the time gone?! I’m sure by this point with Harley we’d got everything done bar ordering his pushchair. Must try harder.

This week has seen my hormones go wild and me gradually getting used to this new life as a zombie, but I’ve had lots of lovely moments too, including a mummy and Harley cinema date and spending lots of time with the fam.

Weight Gain: No idea but my boobs definitely need their own postcode now. I’ve also started getting the “are you sure they haven’t got your dates wrong?” questions.

Exercise: I tried to kick a door down, surely that could be classed as exercise? Me and Harls got stuck in my bedroom on Wednesday morning as the latch on the door broke. Definitely not ideal when the closest source of help was an hour away and we hadn’t had brekkie yet.

Icky morning sickness?: During said door incident I began looking into options available in the bedroom for a sick bucket as I hadn’t eaten anything and was starving. Not a good combo for me and little one. Thankfully the best option (a woven bin, which would most definitely not have held the sick) wasn’t required in the end as help arrived.

Fruit of the week: Still at aubergine status but can see that watermelon floating further down the list at the bottom of the iPhone screen. Eeek.

23 weeks

23 weeks pregnant.

How’s the belly button looking?: Flat as a pancake, now aligned with the belly. Definite third nipple status.

Sleep: Not great. In between a toddler intruder, hot sweats, general uncomfortableness and a morning of waking up covered in wee – Harley’s thankfully(!) sleep this week hasn’t been great. I’ve also had craaaaazy dreams. Anybody got that Lush Sleepy stuff? Think it’s time for me to give it a try.

Irrational moment of the week: I think it’s just been an irrational week. I’m well aware I’ve been moodier than normal and my patience is at an all-time low. One awful bedtime earlier in the week sent me over the edge and resulted in me blaming Tom. I cried for 30 minutes the next morning because I felt so guilty.

Favourite moment of the week: Despite the irrationality this week, it’s also been a week of lovely moments. My fave was when Harls and I were waiting for some balloons to be blown up at the card shop and baby girl kicked. I told Harley and he started talking to my tummy and gave it a kiss too. Cue everybody in the shop ‘arrring’ at him and telling me what a great big brother he’ll make.

Milestones: Well as well as my boobs growing five cup sizes (slight exaggeration) my bump has grown a lot too. Shoelaces are now becoming a problem and don’t even ask about painting my toes. You can now clearly see when baby girlie kicks in my tummy, it’s all so exciting.

Nursery progress: We’re not doing great. Buuuut we have set ourselves the challenge of getting the room stripped out (hideous polystyrene ceiling tiles and all) and plastered by the end of the month. wish us luck.

Rather excitingly this week my maternity wardrobe has stepped up a notch though thanks for some ASOS purchases and the fact that I won a £50 Topshop gift card with Yummy Mummy Maternity (definitely recommend taking a look on their website for some maternity fashion inspo.

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The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x



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