Pregnancy Update: 24 Weeks.

Jeez the weeks are just flying by now, well over halfway now, eek. It’s been a funny old week in Toddlerville with some epic tantrums thrown by Harley and lots of tears shed by Harley (and me too). Let’s just say we can never go back to Twycross Zoo again.

I am now very pregnant. Huge in fact. Doing my shoelaces up is becoming almost impossible as is bending over to pick anything up off the floor and strangers seem a little surprised when I tell them that I’m not due until Christmas. Definitely feeling bigger than I did with Harley.

Weight Gain: This will be the week that I weigh myself, however I am most definitely not going to share the results on here. Still got a few weeks until bump starts getting measured but I know it’s large. Don’t care though, I love my bump! However, I was the only person the chef at the carvery asked if they wanted to go kingsize. Rude.

Exercise: I weight-lifted a 2 1/2 stone toddler this week for a good 5 minute walk as we attempted to leave the zoo. The toddler was also wriggling, squirming and kicking. Had to have a chocolate biscuit when I got home to refuel.

Fruit of the week: Still an aubergine but top end of the scale now.

How’s the belly button looking?: Definitely popped. It now fully protrudes (as demonstrated in below image) and can be seen in tight clothing.


24 Weeks

24 weeks pregnant.

Sleep: Not too bad actually, dreams have calmed down and I’m sleeping well with my preggo pillow (definitely recommend the Dreamgenii pregnancy pillow – so comfy). Still look like a zombie most of the time, if I’m wearing make-up I’m fine until about 2pm. By then the make-up has usually slipped off my face and I’m back to zombie again.

Irrational moment of the week: Too many to count. Hormones are on fire. As is my chest, hate heartburn.

Favourite moment of the week: Hard to pinpoint a favourite but I’m loving sitting down at the end of the day and watching my belly jump and jiggle as baby girl kicks and moves. I keep telling friends who are close to their due dates to make the most of having their bump. You spend so much of your pregnancy counting down and wishing the weeks away that you don’t appreciate just how amazing it is.

Milestones: Whilst this little one is cooking away I’ve been able to get some videos on my phone of her dancing around and giving me a few good kicks. This week has seen the return of night leg cramps though, urgh.

Nursery progress: Theme is picked and we’ve got a plan. Still not actually done anything about it though. I like to think we’re just being relaxed rather than unprepared.

24 weeks has also brought stronger hair and nails, thanks pregnancy Gods!

Just in case you missed it, you can read my 23 week pregnancy update here.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x


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