Pregnancy Update: 28/29 Weeks.

Eek, I am huge. So pregnant.

It’s another double update because I’m rubbish basically. But the past couple of weeks have been a struggle and energy at an all-time low. It has meant lots of sofa time and having dinner cooked for me. And the good kind of dinners too – steak and spinach, gotta get that iron!

Weight Gain: The belly is fully touching the steering wheel and is now multi-functional as it’s started providing a shelf for my boobs. I’m also sporting what The Unmumsy Mum recently labelled ‘back handles’ *laughing crying emoji*. But I am also loving my bump so who cares.


28 29 weeks

29 weeks pregnant.


Exercise: Na-da. In all honesty the last week has been a struggle energy-wise. I was convinced that my iron levels were too low and that I was anaemic but all came back normal. A trip to see the doctor confirmed everything was ok but just that baby girl is just zapping me of all of my energy as she continues to grow. Was a little scary though as not to be dramatic (ha!) but at points I felt like I couldn’t even stand up and had (and still do) the biggest, darkest circles under my eyes. I’m also bruising like a peach, including a black eye from when Harley accidently headbutted me!

Fruit/vegetable of the week: A winter squash, which is very appropriate for this time of year.

Sleep: Sleep is better than ever at the moment (touchwood) mainly due to me being so exhausted that I can fall asleep anywhere. Few leg cramps and weird dreams here and there but all good.

Irrational moments: I think I’ve been ok over the past couple of weeks… best to ask Tom though. He might totally disagree.

Favourite moment of the week: Harley has started touching and talking to my belly without prompting now. As he wonders past me in the house he’ll touch my belly and say “hello baby sister”. It makes my heart hurt in a good way.

Milestones: Hiccups! Woke up one morning last week to baby hiccupping. Forgot how lovely that felt. I am really going to miss my bump.

Nursery progress: Room is all stripped out and ready for the plasterer to do his magic. Carpet is picked and booked in for fitting, and I’ve even started ordering some mega cute prints for her bedroom from Desenio. I’m finally starting to get organised!



Some of the beautiful prints ordered for baby’s bedroom. From Desenio.


Despite the zero energy and ever increasing difficulty to get ready to leave the house (it probably takes me longer to get ready than Harley now), I’m trying to relish every moment of pregnancy because I know this will probably be the last time I am. If time could slow down just a tiny little bit I’d be very grateful.

I’ve been writing updates for the last ten weeks now, missed any? Find them all here.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. X


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  1. October 23, 2017 / 7:56 pm

    I love how Harley says hi to his baby sister. That is so cute!

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