#TENATalk ‘Oooops Moments’.

To be honest I feel like my life is a series of ‘oooops moments’. The ‘hands over eyes’ emoji is my most used and basically the emoji that sums up my general day-to-day life.

So when the lovely ladies at Myriad PR got in touch to ask if I’d be willing to share some of my ‘oooops moments’ to join their lights by TENA #TENATalk campaign, I was like ‘err yeeeeeah!’.

Only today I took Harley for his first day at nursery (SOB) – sidenote. I am being mega dramatic, he’s going for three hours a day, two days a week. By the time I’ve dropped him off I’ll barely have time for a cup of tea before it’s time to pick him up. – after gearing myself (and Harley) up to it for a couple of weeks, plus a restless night, we arrived at the gates to find out it was an inset day. Oooops.

Yesterday we decided to take Harley to The Gruffalo’s Trail at Cannock Chase, which FYI is amazing, only I forgot to download the AR app you need to complete the trail and had to spend 20 minutes waving my phone around in the forest trying to get a signal to download it. And once it had managed to download it had drained my battery meaning we could only find the mouse before my phone died. Oooops.

This pregnancy (read my latest pregnancy updates here) has been filled with oooops moments. Like the time I was 22 weeks pregnant and walking around Sainsburys and felt a weird pinging sensation. Turned out my thong had snapped in half. Oooops.

In fact I have so many ‘oooops moments’ I wrote a whole post dedicated to them here.

Experiencing a little ‘Oooops moment’ during pregnancy and post childbirth is extremely common, but surprisingly, not many women talk about it!

A whopping 59 percent of mums say they experienced bladder weakness for a year or more after childbirth and shockingly, despite its commonality, 74 percent of mums claim that their midwife did not broach the subject with them.

When it comes to other common ‘Oooops moments’, 25 percent of women confessed to having leaky breasts in a social situation, whilst another 20 percent said a case of ‘baby brain’ caused them to come back from the supermarket without the one essential they went to buy.

Whilst I was pregnant with Harley my mum told me it was mega important to do pelvic floor exercises so I tried whenever I remembered but I don’t recall any of the midwives even mentioning it. I remember a few days after Harley was born trying to do my pelvic floors and discovering that I couldn’t feel anything. At that moment I thought I’d been destroyed but thankfully feeling came back not long after and I put it down to the effects of the epidural.

The #TENATalk survey also found that 92% of new mums have at some point experienced light bladder weakness following the birth of their child. I’m not going to lie, our first trip to the trampoline park filled me with dread. Ha!

lights by TENA have created a series of videos featuring real women talking all about being a new mum and bladder weakness, including this one below.

For more information about lights by TENA click here you can also get a free sample too.

Have you had any ‘oooops moments’ recently? Share them by commenting below.

* Post in collaboration with lights by TENA. In return for the post I was gifted with a ‘New Mum Survival Kit’ including pampering treats and hot chocolate (although Tom stole that!)


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