Pregnancy Update: 34 – 36 Weeks.

So I’m on the home stretch now. This pregnancy has flown by at a ridiculous rate and I still don’t fully think that I’ve got my head around the fact that I’m going to be a mum of two sometime soon.

This week (week 36) in particular I’ve had a couple of ‘oooh what’s that?’ moments with regular cramping for a couple of hours at a time. Think my body is definitely preparing and Baby Girlie will be here soon-ish.

I am now officially on maternity leave. Woooo. Although I think maternity leave this time is going to be very different. My first day of mat leave before I had Harley consisted of a lie-in, brekkie in bed and pretty sure I didn’t get out of my PJs all day. I’d love to think that’s how tomorrow will be but with a toddler I’m not sure that’s going to happen. LOL.

Weight Gain: Well I’ve definitely gained. No idea how much though. I’m definitely not at the size I was with Harley but my tummy has become much more defined and she’s all up front now. The midwife also says I have a very ‘full bump’ and we’re now measuring just below 90th centile. Eeek. Harley ended up 97th centile. Ouch.


36 Weeks Pregnant

36 weeks pregnant.


Exercise: So I went to soft play and I actually got quite involved. Probably more involved than I should have at 35 weeks pregnant but it was actually quite fun, minus the part where I got stuck in a ball pond whist Harls and his cousin tried to pull me out (my sister just stood by and laughed, yeah thanks). And I never say that about soft play!

Fruit/vegetable of the week: Currently at honey dew but tomorrow comes the watermelon. Although I am pretty sure we’re already there.

Sleep: 3.30am wake-ups, great. I’m usually awake for the long haul then but at least I’m being productive doing Christmas shopping at 4.30am.

Irrational moments: I don’t think I’m irrational but nesting has stepped up a gear. Every cupboard I open needs sorting and I just want everything perfect. Why is perfection so hard to achieve?! Argh.

Favourite moment of the week: I’ve started washing baby’s clothes and sorting them out has brought back so many newborn memories. I’m so excited to meet Baby Girlie and it’s getting ridiculously close now. Harley keeps wanting to play in her bedroom and telling people that he’s going to have a new baby sister – he’s going to be such a great big brother! I also had an AMAZING pregnancy massage last week that my besties had brought me for my birthday.

Milestones: Movements have definitely changed now and this little one isn’t rolling around as much, now just jabbing and nudging me (especially when I’ve had Gaviscon, which is very much needed at the moment). She’s head down but wasn’t engaged at my last midwife appointment, although giving my bladder plenty of headbutts. I can no longer see my belly button and my linea nigra has appeared, although only above the belly button.


36 weeks

I’m now on maternity leave and was spoilt rotten by the lovely team at work.


Nursery progress: We’re getting there. FINALLY. Furniture sorted and I’ve even started putting things away. Although saying that we do have a chest of drawers full of Tom’s clothes in there and a drum kit too. Can’t talk about it too much as it stresses me out!

There’s still quite a bit to do in terms of preparation but I am hoping that little one makes her appearance soon. I’d love for her not to have a birthday too close to Christmas and the thought of missing Christmas Day with Harley makes me unbelievably sad too. I’m bouncing on that ball and taking the raspberry leaf capsules too.

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The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x


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