Asda Little Angels: Tips for protecting our little ones.

A few weeks ago I was very lucky to be invited to a super-glam lunch at The Ivy with Asda Little Angels and Dr Hilary Jones. Yup at The Ivy!

So I took my waddling-self off on the train and down to London Town for a child-free afternoon filled with amazing food (I’m not exaggerating – it really was amazing), free-flowing drinks (Diet Coke for me but anybody that knows me knows that a DC is the way to my heart) and lovely company with lots of lovely parenting bloggers, Dr Hilary and Vanessa and Kayley from Myriad PR.


The Ivy

A trip to The Ivy. So Fancy.


The purpose of the lunch was to unveil four new videos that Asda Little Angels have developed in conjunction with Dr Hilary, aimed at providing advice and a how-to guide for dealing with four key subjects:

Having a baby is the most amazing thing but can be pretty scary at times. I remember when I had to do bath time with Harley alone for the first time, I was petrified, and don’t even get me started on weaning – cue numerous sleepless nights! When you’re pregnant you’re so focused on giving birth that you don’t really look ahead to the practicalities of looking after a baby, e.g. the nappy changes, dealing with nappy rash and when they’re a bit older, weaning, so I definitely recommend taking a look at the videos if you’re after tips or experiencing the same types of irrational worries as I did.


The Ivy 2

An afternoon with this lovely group. (Picture credit: @myriadpublicrelations Instagram)


All of Asda’s nappy ranges are dermatologically tested (seriously there’s so much technology involved it blows my mind – I found out lots when I spent an afternoon at The Dorchester with Asda Little Angels, read more here) and have been given a certification by the Skin Health Alliance.

I’d definitely recommend giving the nappies a go if you haven’t already – earlier in the year I swapped to the pull-up pants for Harley, which he loves because they’ve got Peppa and George on them, and will definitely be trying out the Newborn range when this little one arrives (current status: still pregnant, bouncing on the exercise ball and consuming lots of raspberry leaf capsules).

For more information about Asda Little Angels click here.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x

Disclaimer: I was invited to lunch by Myriad PR and Asda Little Angels. I received no payment for this post.



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