The Wicked Uncle Gift Guide.

Basically everything I want for Harley (and me). LOL.

Seriously though, the Wicked Uncle website is pretty ace. Rather than making you scroll pages of gifts and sifting through lots of different toys the website is arranged into rather handy categories, you can filter by gender and age recommendations, as well as categories including Adventurer, Brainiac and Outdoorsy.

This Christmas we promised ourselves that we weren’t going to go OTT with Harley’s Christmas presents because he already has so much and we’re struggling for space but then one thing lead to another and now we basically need to build an extension for all of his new toys but I’m so excited to see his little face on Christmas Day when he sees his presents – just fingers crossed we aren’t in hospital (I’m due on Christmas Day in case you didn’t know)!

Back to Wicked Uncle, you’ll find a huge range of gifts that are unique and different to what you’d find in most shops. I’ve pulled together my top five favourites from the website for Harley…

Fire Fighter’s Water Sprayer £22.95

Harley’s new favourite game to play is ‘What’s your emergency?’, which consists of me calling him to tell him that I have an emergency and need his help, he usually channels Fireman Sam here but only seems to like to rescue cats from trees! Anyway I’m sure he’d love this Fire Fighter’s Water Sprayer, which would work equally well for water fights with daddy!


Fire Fighter's Water Sprayer £22.95

Fire Fighter’s Water Sprayer £22.95

My First Microscope – For Little Hands £19.95

Not going to lie but I love this for me too. Ha. I’m already lining up the items we can investigate when this arrives, including some shells we collected from the beach during the summer. The microscope has been built especially for little ones so it’s super easy to use and has an LED light too. Can already tell we’re going to have hours of fun!

My First Microscope - For Little Hands £19.95

My First Microscope – For Little Hands £19.95

Magnetic Shapes Activity Box £21.95

This activity box is packed with magnetics, chalk, a white and black board as well as cards to inspire drawings. Activity boxes like this are amazing to take out to restaurants with you and are guaranteed to keep the toddlers entertained for a while. I’m also trying really hard to plan ahead and find some engaging activities for Harley whilst I’m feeding Baby Girlie and think this will be perfect.


Magnetic Shapes Activity Box £21.95

Magnetic Shapes Activity Box £21.95


People Fun – Match or Mix Up? £7.95

Such a great little stocking filler! This game encourages the little ones to mix and match cards to create recognisable characters such as astronauts, footballers and pirates or create their own using a mix of the different cards. Another handy one to pop in your bag when you’re heading out and about.

People Fun - Match or Mix Up? £7.95

People Fun – Match or Mix Up? £7.95

Berg Buzzy – First Pedal Experience £99.00

This super sturdy four wheeler features adjustable parts so that it can grow with the child until they’re about five. It looks like so much fun and as it uses handlebars rather than a steering wheel it’ll help the toddler get used to peddling and steering at the same time, which will then make the transition to a bike even easier.

Berg Buzzy - First Pedal Experience £99.00

Berg Buzzy – First Pedal Experience £99.00

As well as being super easy to navigate the Wicked Uncle website is really witty – the descriptions are really thorough but not boring. Best thing is that they can post the same day you order, which is great for the great-unorganised (like me) this Christmas.

Oh and one other thing, if you’re terrible at jokes like me there’s an age-appropriate joke section on the website too – take a look here.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x

Disclaimer: I received some of the items featured in this guide for free from Wicked Uncle. All views and opinions are my own.


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