Pregnancy Update: 37/38 Weeks.

I was so convinced I was going to have this baby early but now I’m not so sure. I’m trying everything I can to try and encourage this little one to come out before Christmas including all the spicy food, bouncing on the exercise ball, the raspberry leaf, I’ve even brought a Sex Bomb bath bomb from Lush as I’ve read it’s helped induce some ladies labours. Bit embarrassing though when I had to ask several members of staff in the shop for the bath bomb as I couldn’t find it. Turns out it’s a ‘sensual and seductive’ bath bomb. Great.

Weight gain: I am going to make sure I weigh myself this week as if really like to know how much weight I’ve put on this pregnancy. One thing I do know is that baby is growing VERY well. After a big jump on the growth chart I was referred to the consultant to check on baby’s size, especially after Harley’s birth weight. After having a growth scan we found out baby girl is currently weighing roughly 7lb 7oz and sitting on the 90th centile line. All good though, consultant is happy with growth and hopefully I won’t need to be induced this time around (unless we go pass our due date).

Exercise: Everything is getting so much harder including walking up and down the stairs so exercise is out of the window. Ha like I used exercise anyway. But I am still trying to keep up with Harley as best I can. Really looking forward to being able to chase him around like I used to.

Fruit/Vegetable of the week: So basically I’m carrying a watermelon. And don’t I know it. I am going to miss this watermelon-shaped bump but I’m really ready now so come on Baby Girlie!

Sleep: It’s a mixed bag. I am so tired but have the odd few nights where I’ll be awake for hours, other nights I’ll sleep the whole way through. I am finding that when I wake up in the morning that my belly is really aching especially when I stand up, think it’s just the extra weight.


39 weeks

I carried a watermelon.


Irrational moments: I might be a teeny tiny bit aggy every now and then. It’s only because I want things to be perfect. My patience is not at a great level at the moment though. Think it’s just a mix of tiredness, hormones and general blurgh-ness. But lots of weird and wonderful things make me happy, including vacuuming the walls. Yep.

Favourite moment of the week: Getting to see baby on the screen again (although I couldn’t quite make anything out – she looks so squashed in there!) was lovely. I also had the best catch-up with my besties at our Christmas lunch/mini baby shower.

Milestones: No new ones that I’m aware of. Baby is still not engaged but I have been reading that they tend to wait until later in the pregnancy second time round, with some not dropping until labour. Every night I go to bed convinced that I’ll wake up in the middle of the night with contractions… nope not happening. I’ll still be pregnant in January, I’m sure of it now.

Nursery progress: I’m so happy because we’re almost there. I’m feeling totally prepared (well as prepared as you can). All of her little clothes are hanging up in the wardrobe and folded in the drawers. Just need to find some lovely handles for her wardrobe and chest of drawers, and hang some pictures then I’ll be truly happy!

The desperation to get things moving is growing as I get closer to Christmas. I think if it wasn’t for the Christmas Day due date I wouldn’t mind but I’m so nervous about things happening on the big day that I really want her to come before. And now that I know she’s a healthy and very-decent size come now please baby!

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The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x


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