The things I’d forgotten about the newborn stage.

Ada is now six weeks old and I can’t remember life before her, she’s an absolute dream. (all the heart emojis)

Throughout my pregnancy with Ada I felt so much more laidback than I was when I was pregnant with Harley. I was so sure I had it all figured out, after all we’d already had a newborn, but it turns out there was lots that I’d forgotten about. And now there’s lots about the newborn stage that we’re learning and discovering all over again…

The Shoulder Stain

Totally dependent on what side you wind baby on over your shoulder but you’re guaranteed to have a nice milky dribble patch on whatever top you’re wearing. I’d forgotten about the regular top change but realistically that only lasts a few days when you a) can’t be bothered to get changed and quite frankly don’t care and b) don’t want to add to the ridiculous mountain washing pile.



All the vom.


The Steriliser Burn

Oh man this hurts. When baby is hungry and you realise there are no sterilised bottles. Facepalm. You do a super speedy wash and then wait as patiently as you can next to the steriliser whist baby screams at you as punishment for your stupidity. The light goes off and you hear the click and rush over to the steriliser to lift up the lid and grab a bottle totally forgetting that it’s hotter than lava in that steambox and you’ve just added another burn to your hands. Everyday.

The ‘Poo Face’ Dread

You know the scene. It’s taken 3 1/2 hours to leave the house (no exaggeration) but now you’re out and basically winning at life. And then you see that expression on baby’s face. They’re pushing. Shiiiiiit. You pray it’s a small one and frantically try to remember how long ago the last nappy change was. Will the nappy hold it? Or are we in for a code yellow ‘up the back’ situation? And on that…

How crap are baby changing facilities?

I don’t want to tar everybody with the same brush but a large proportion of public baby changing rooms are pretty rubbish. They’re usually too small for you and the pushchair, they smell horrible and don’t even get me started on those pull down plastic tables – totally not built for anybody under 5’10, I have to stand on my tiptoes just to be able to reach Ada.


FullSizeRender (2)

Living in the newborn bubble.


The Lost Sock

How have they not invented socks that stay on small babies’ feet yet?! I’d completely forgotten about the missing sock struggle, why do they never stay on??

The Essential Essential

Muslins. A must-have for parents and I’d forgotten how useful they were. My advice for new parents – buy hundreds!

But I so love the newborn stage, I’d forgotten how much, and I’m just trying to savour as much of it as I can – even the poo, sick and night feeds.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x




  1. March 26, 2018 / 3:04 pm

    Hahaha the pooh face dread and thought process is SO real. I thank the diaper every time I skated by without a blowout. 😀 PS those chest cuddles are the BEST! I remember feeling like I couldn’t move for so long when my son would sleep on my chest, but no I miss it so much! Congratulations!

    • March 27, 2018 / 8:03 pm

      Thank you! The newborn stage is so lovely, enjoying every moment of it!

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