An Ode to Soft Play.

So for the last three years I’ve harboured a huge amount of hate for soft play, probably more than the average person. Why? Well there’s not one exact reason I can pinpoint but I’ve always hated the whole experience, especially when trying to get Harley to leave, I’m talking tears, screams, screeches, basically full-blown toddler meltdown mode.

But then there was Ada. Friends who have recently had their second babies all told me about this wonderful place where there were hot cups of tea and a place for your toddler to burn lots of energy whilst having the time of their life. Where is this mystical world I hear you say? Soft play.

We tried it and now I’m converted. So much so I’ve written an Ode to Soft Play.

Oh soft play how I hated you so,
And basically made up every excuse in the book not to go.
Then I heard of this place with hot cups of tea,
And a place for Harley to run wild and free.
It’s warm and safe (well minus the germs),
And did I mention I get to drink hot tea on my terms?
So I’m sorry soft play, I take it all back,
But there is just one thing that I still can’t hack.
Has anybody found the answer to one of the biggest problems we face?
Getting our children out of soft play without a chase.
As much as I appreciate the free workout chasing the toddler in tears,
After bribery and threats to leave them there have fallen on deaf ears.
I’d love it if we could leave minus the chaos,
But understand that it’s a relatively small cost,
For the only boiling hot cup of tea I get to drink that day,
Love you soft play.

Bit OTT but I love that tea. And Harley loves soft play.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x


The Pramshed



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