Toddler Life: 6 signs you’re living with a toddler.

Harley is three now (SOB) and is technically no longer classed as a toddler – he’s a pre-schooler but I’m not ready for that.

Every night after we’ve finished the bedtime routine Harley will walk with us to his bedroom door to see us out and tell us that he’s in charge. Never has a truer word been spoken. Harley rules the house.

Here are six things you’ll know if you’ve got a toddler.

Your house is a museum to their favourite TV/film/book character.
We are Cars obsessed in our house and basically act as a shrine to Lightning McQueen. We’ve got toys in the living room, toys in the kitchen and in Harley’s bedroom. Cars toys, Cars PJs, Cars cutlery, Cars toilet training seat and stool. The list is endless. Most annoying though goes to the Lighting McQueen that randomly shouts out things. Harley loves switching that into Spanish mode.

You’re forever dodging booby traps.
Now to be fair I don’t think is done on purpose but Harley leaves his toys everywhere. We call him The Destroyer as he has to get EVERYTHING out all at once and isn’t great at tidying (it’s something we’re working on). But for now our living room is all kinds of messy (I wrote about it here) and I’m regularly tripping over toys or finding cars in the sofa.



We see sofa. They see climbing frame.


You’re an expert at remembering all the characters names.
Need to know anything about Cars/Blaze and the Monster Machines/The Lion Guard? I’m your girl. Nobody ever told me how much extra information I’d have to retain when having a toddler. I can tell you character names, episode titles, the full works.

It’s your toddler’s house, not yours.
Seriously Harley owns us. In a good way. But he owns us and the house. I realised this a few months back when we got into bed and found a stash of his toys he’d hidden for us under the covers.

Your food bill is soaring.
Toddlers change their mind about foods a lot. For us it’s quite a challenge to get Harley to eat the good stuff (I’m quite reliant on meals with hidden veggies to get him to eat vegetables) so when we find a piece of fruit or a vegetable he likes I’ll buy bucket loads in our next supermarket shop. But when it comes to him eating it, he’s decided he doesn’t like it again. Funny how that never happens with crisps and McDonalds Happy Meals.

A cuddle or ‘I love you’ can floor you.
There’s no getting away from the fact that Toddlerhood can be littered with tantrums (read all about our first public tantrum here) but toddlers are also the most loving little people. Harley can be totally engrossed playing with his toys and come over to me and give me a cuddle. And every night before bed he tells me he loves me. Life made.

Life with a toddler can be flipping hilarious, frustrating at times and the most rewarding thing. But oh how I’d love to have a tidy living room for just one afternoon.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x



  1. March 26, 2018 / 3:01 pm

    This is so insanely relatable, haha. I seriously feel like there’s nothing like parenting, but especially parenting a toddler. Every other minute is something new. I totally agree the love they give is a major “LIFE MADE” moment. 🙂

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