Review: The Paulos Circus.

Can’t quite believe this but in my whole 31 years of life I had never been to the circus. Lucky for me The Paulos Circus rolled into town (Coleshill) just in time for the Easter weekend and we were invited to watch.

We took Harley and my niece, Poppy, as well as (quite bravely) Ada. Not going to lie I was a little bit nervous to take Ada but she loved the lights and music, whilst Harley and Poppy loved the whole experience.

From the moment we got to the big top and were greeted by one of the performers, Mr N, before taking our seats we knew we were going to see a great show. The tent was warm and cosy whilst it was raining outside, and it smelt of popcorn so double win!

The 70 minute show kicks off with an impressive countdown and features juggling, knife throwing and tightrope-walking plus an amazing laser show (Harley’s favourite bit), as well as lots of audience participation and humour. My favourite bit was some really impressive tightrope walking, which included a bicycle and a chair, and had me watching from behind my hand!


The Paulos Circus.

Tightrope Walking at The Paulos Circus.


We all loved our first trip to the circus, Ada included, who rather impressively had a catnap and a bottle whilst the show was taking place. If you’re in the area and looking for something to do with the kids over the next couple of days I’d definitely recommend visiting. And if you’re taking a baby you can park your pushchair inside the tent, we just took Ada’s car seat in with us but she wanted to see what was going on so didn’t spend much time in there.

The Paulos Circus is located at Melbicks Garden Centre in Coleshill (amazing garden centre with lots of fish, soft play and a great Costa) and will be there until 2nd April. Shows are at 2pm and 4.30pm both days. Tickets are £7 each and can be brought at the Box Office on-site. Find out more here or call 07508 584 811 to book.

Disclaimer: The Paulos Circus provided tickets for me and the family in exchange for a review. All thoughts are genuinely my own – we loved it! 

The Circus





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