The things I’ve done differently with my second baby.

It’s almost a year ago since I discovered I was pregnant with my second baby, Ada. It was very early on Easter Monday morning and I just had a feeling I should do a test whilst Harley was sleeping and Tom was experiencing one of the worst hangovers he’s ever had. And there it was, the blue line that told me our three was about to become four.

Since then time has flown at the most ridiculous speed. Ada is now 3 months old and no longer a newborn (SOB). I keep finding myself trying to remember Harley at three months but it’s a blur although it has got me thinking about how differently I’ve found the first few months of Ada’s life to Harley’s first three months in this world. People keep asking me if it’s easier the second time and for me, it is. Yes it’s busy and slightly chaotic and the mum guilt is a million times worse, but I’m so much more confident in actual parenting and everything that comes along with it.

1. I’m so much more relaxed.

Yes my Google search history might contain questions like ‘is green poo normal?’ (are you even a new parent if you haven’t taken a look at random pictures of different baby poos to check that your baby’s nappy is normal?) but this time I feel so much more relaxed despite never actually relaxing.

2. Not rushing the milestones.

When Harley was a baby I was so eager for him to do everything so quickly. Rolling over, sitting up unaided, the list is endless. Now I realise that they really aren’t babies for long at all and I really don’t want to wish any of the time away. That being said I’m still so excited when Ada does something new for the first time, although teething at three months is a little extreme.

3. Not going OTT with the baby products and clothes.

Being a second-time parent offers great clarity. You know better than anyone what essentials are actually essentials and what are the nice-to-haves. My newborn essentials include the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine (my number one product in life) and a good changing bag. Therefore knowing this means that I carefully considered most of what I brought before having Ada and didn’t buy too many clothes before she arrived (especially after Harley being too big to wear most of what I’d brought for him when he was born!) and other non-essentials.

4. The baby outfits.

It’s a well-known fact that I’m obsessed with buying clothes for Harley and now Ada too, and I’m usually found in Zara picking up one of my many orders (never for me, always for them). With Harley I was so desperate to start dressing him in the cute little outfits I’d brought before he was born so I think within a couple of weeks he was out of sleepsuits during the day. Ada spent her first month on the planet in babygrows. I know it sounds silly but they feel so much more grown-up when they’re dressed in outfits and I wasn’t quite ready to let go of the newbornness!

5. Trusting my instincts more. 

I’m not by any means an expert, I don’t think that anybody is, but I have learnt that nobody knows my babies better than me (and Tom!). With Harley I was constantly doubting myself and even though I still have moments now, I know that I’m doing my very best for them both.

Becoming a mum for the second time is so different but equally as amazing. Nothing really phases you, you’ve been there, done that and worn the poo stain on your t-shirt. Life is crazy, fun and chaotic, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x



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