Why I’m glad I’m not a Princess.

I am a huge fan of the Royal Family. Yesterday I spent most of the day watching Sky News, well in between actual parenting, but by the end of the afternoon even Harley was excited to see the new Prince leave the hospital.

I remember when I was a little girl thinking, like most young girls, that I’d like to be a Princess when I was older. Either that or Mark Owen’s wife. Then I grew up and decided that being a Princess wasn’t for me, and then Take That split. But watching the hours and hours of live reporting yesterday it got me thinking one thing. Poor Kate.

As any woman who has given birth knows, labour is hard. It hurts and quite frankly it’s the most knackering thing you’ll ever do. And poor Kate had to do it knowing that the whole world was the other side of the window waiting to know more.

During pregnancy everything is so geared towards preparing for the birth whether it be perfecting your birth plan, discussing pain relief options and for some, attending birth classes, but nobody really talks about the bit afterwards. Obviously you’re beyond happy to finally have your baby in your arms but physically you’re broken and bleeding.

Now imagine having to step out in front of the world’s media in a pretty dress and heels, no doubt wearing a giant maternity pad (although I’ve since learnt you can get pants – how did I not know this before?!) and wanting to jump back into your newborn safe-haven bubble.

When I think back to the six hours after I had my babies I don’t think I could walk proper let alone even think about putting shoes on. With Harley I was still dead to the world after a pretty rough labour and reaction to anti-sickness drugs, and whilst my labour with Ada was much more straight forward and recovery was much quicker, I didn’t leave my bed all night.

So yesterday when I saw our beautiful Princess appear on those steps looking all flawless I didn’t think she was setting a bad example or adding pressure to new mums, she was doing what she had to do because that’s what is expected from her. And all new mums know that all they really want in those first few hours after baby is born is cuddles and the best tea and toast you will ever have.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x



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