So we’re having another heatwave. I love the sunshine and the heat and the fact that I don’t have to wear ten layers, a cardigan and a coat in order to feel warm (I don’t think I was made for the cold) but my feelings towards heatwaves have changed massively since I became a parent.

Heatwaves usually consist of four stages of feelings for me.

1. Excitement and anticipation – Yes, sunshine. BBQs, fun water play in the back garden, sunbathing. Woo. All the dancing lady emojis.

2. Realisation – BBQ = too much effort. Water play? I give it two minutes before Harley gets bored. Sunbathing? Ha. I’m a mum of two now, I’ll be lucky if I get to sit outside before the sun sets.

3. Worry – It’s hot, too hot, how’s my baby going to cope? What is she going to wear to bed (see The PJs sitch note below)? Has Harley drank enough water? Does he have enough suncream on? Does he have too much suncream on? Argh.

One very angry Gro-Egg

One very angry Gro-Egg.

4. And when it’s over, nostalgia. – Ahh wasn’t it lovely? Totally forgetting about the worry and the frantic application of suncream. Can we have it back now please?! I hate the rain.

* The PJs sitch. Nothing gives me the fear like a bright red, angry Gro-Egg. I suddenly begin to doubt everything in life. Should she wear a babygrow? A vest? What about the sleeping bag? Should we put a fan on? But maybe then she’ll catch a chill? Oh my, I’m doubting everything now. 

Anyone else stress out about heatwaves? For some reason I’m so much more relaxed about holidays in the sunshine, maybe it’s because I know there’s air conditioning and a swimming pool to keep them cool. I’ve shared my tips for holidaying with a baby here.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x


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