Visiting LEGOLAND Windsor with a toddler and baby.

Harley has been talking about LEGOLAND Windsor for a long time. Now we watch a lot more of channels like Nick Jr. and Disney Channel he’s forever seeing the adverts and is a little bit obsessed with LEGO. He also saw a Ryan’s Toy Review video where he visited the Florida park and well if Ryan’s been there, he wants to too! So we decided to visit LEGOLAND Windsor with a toddler and baby.

We booked a mid-week overnight stay at the LEGOLAND Resort Hotel, which included park tickets for the following day as the park was closed the day we arrived. Our Pirate-themed room (upgraded to a park view room, which Harley loved) was every LEGO fan’s dream. A box of LEGO for Harley to play with, a treasure hunt, which ended with a small prize in a treasure chest and lots of LEGO wall models. Harley was in total awe.

Having spent the afternoon visiting the swimming pool, exploring the hotel and meeting Kai from Ninjago (now Harley’s favourite character) we headed into Windsor to grab some dinner and have a wonder (I’d definitely recommend a trip – it’s beautiful there!) and then went back to the hotel in time for the evening’s entertainment. There was a good couple of hours of entertainment including music, games and magic tricks, which kept Harley up way past his bedtime and basically living his best life.

We were all set for a fun-filled trip to the theme park the next morning but unfortunately Harley woke up complaining that he couldn’t put weight on his feet and was in pain. After 10 minutes of trying to coax him out of bed we knew that something was really wrong and a call to 111 told us that we needed to take him to the nearest hospital (Wexford Park Hospital in case you ever need to know). Following a few hours in the hospital, lots of tests and an x-ray it was decided that Harley most likely had a viral infection and possibly the early stages of hand, foot and mouth therefore we weren’t able to visit the park that day. Luckily, the customer service team changed our tickets and we visited for the day a couple of weeks later.

Before our visit I looked online for tips and must-visits for a trip to LEGOLAND Windsor with a toddler and baby but couldn’t find a huge amount so thought I’d share what we learnt.

LEGOLAND Windsor Resort Hotel Tips.

  • Go midweek and in term time if you can. You’ll save a FORTUNE. We got our room and tickets for £260, a good couple of hundred less than school holidays and weekend.
  • Pre-book your swimming slot. You can pre-book your trip to the splash pool. We opted for the first slot of the afternoon (3pm) which meant we basically had the pool to ourselves.
  • Get into the park 30 minutes early. Major perk of staying at the hotel is that you can enter the park 30 minutes earlier and from the opposite side to everybody else so you can explore the other side of the park before anybody else.
  • Take a look at the schedule you’re given at check-in. It’s bespoke to the day of check-in and includes PAs from some of the LEGO characters in the hotel.
  • The hotel is super baby friendly and you can ask to leave things in the fridge behind reception if you need to keep something cool as most of the rooms don’t have fridges. We ended up taking lots of ready-made formula for Ada rather than hauling the Perfect Prep along with us. We did take our sterliser and there were lots of plugs in the room (nothing more frustrating than when you can’t find a flipping plug!).
  • A travel cot can be provided for free but we took Ada’s Chicco Next to Me crib as she’s most settled in that.

LEGOLAND Windsor Theme Park.

  • Check their height first. There are three different height requirements in the park – 0.9m, 1m and 1.2m. Harley is roughly 1m tall so was able to go on most of the rides, however, he was devastated that the ride operator at S.Q.U.I.D Surfer wouldn’t allow him on. To avoid any heartache it’s definitely worth checking what they can go on first.
  • Baby Change. There are lots of family friendly facilities and baby changing available throughout the park but would definitely recommend visiting the Mothercare Baby Care Centre in Heartlake City. There are great changing and feeding facilities in there, which are well-equipped and super quiet.
  • Bring food. Like most attractions food is expensive at the theme park. As we went out of season quite a few of the restaurants/food kiosks were closed so we weren’t able to track down sandwiches etc. Harls was happy with his hot dog but I wish we’d have taken him some lunch instead.
  • Leave a trip to The BIG Shop until the end of the day. Literally the best shop in the world for any LEGO fan, you’ll struggle to get them out if you head straight there (it’s right by the entrance).
  • Take a change of clothes and towels if you’re going on a warm day. Over in Duplo Valley there’s the Drench Towers, Raft Racers and Splash Safari to take advantage of. You get soaked on Raft Racers!
  • Make your life easier. As we visited during off-peak season the park wasn’t very busy but I did spot lots of ways to make your life a little easier if you’re visiting during peak season. You can pay extra for premium parking to be close to the entrance and you can buy a Q-Bot pass to cut waiting times for rides. Plan ahead!
  • Take a baby carrier. Ada spent most of her time in either her pushchair or baby carrier whilst we were in the park as there wasn’t anything suitable for us to take her on. Luckily she was happy enough to spend her time watching the world go by! The park is very pushchair friendly.
LEGOLAND Windsor with a toddler – suitable rides.
  • Basically anything in Duplo Valley.
  • Atlantis Submarine Voyage (our personal fave).
  • Coastguard HQ, Balloon School and Fire Academy in LEGO City.
  • L-Drivers is a smaller, more suitable version of the LEGO City Driving School. The kids get a little driving licence to take away with them too.
  • Dragon’s Apprentice. Don’t make the same mistake as us – we (I) got confused by the names and ended up taking Harley on The Dragon. Ooops.
  • There’s also lots to explore including an arcade in Kingdom of the Pharaohs, Miniland and daily shows at the Heartlake Harbour Arena.

Miniland at LEGOLAND Windsor

We absolutely loved our trip(s!) and Harley still talks about his favourite bits a month on. I’d definitely recommend taking a toddler, there’s a lot there for them. Just a word of warning, be prepared to hear the ‘Everything is Awesome’ song ALOT.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x


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