Nine reasons toddlers rock.

Let’s face it, toddlers get a bad press. Tantrums are the usual headlines with a mix of destruction and fussy eating. Honestly, we’ve experienced our fair share of all three but Toddlerhood is one of my favourite places. Here are the nine reasons toddlers rock.

They’re hilarious.

Harley makes me actual laugh out loud countless times every day.

They won’t do what they don’t want to do.

Toddlers are definitely not people pleasers. Eat their vegetables? Nah, don’t fancy that today. Wear shoes? Ha, don’t be silly. To be fair, I think most people could do with being more toddler, they’re not scared to say no.

They don’t care about conforming.

It’s summer but they want to wear wellies, don’t even try and stop them.

They’re happy little souls.

It doesn’t take much to make them smile. Mind you if somebody told me that I could have a three hour nap at lunchtime and followed by a chocolate biscuit when I woke up, then I would be too.

And on that, the giggles.

Too cute.

They have an epic memory.

Remember how on 2nd January you told them they could one day go to Disney World? Nope? Well they do. And doesn’t it seem like they have a separate memory specifically for storing the words and things you’d never want them to repeat?! And an even better skill for reciting it at the worse possible time.

They have the best toys.

Harley loves building so his current toy collection consists of LEGO and K’NEX, which I love playing with (maybe a little more than he does).

The cuddles.

Toddlers are so affectionate. Harley gives me the best cuddles and will lie on the sofa with me watching his favourite films. I try really hard not to think that in a few years he won’t want to do that anymore (SOB).

They sing and dance like nobody is watching.

We’ve all seen the motivational quote encouraging us to do this but toddlers actually do. Give Harley a dancefloor and a DJ and I guarantee you will never met anyone happier.

Basically they’re just pretty ace.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x


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