Heatwave Parenting Struggles.

I’ve tried so hard and I actually think I’ve done a really good job of not moaning until now… Enough is enough. I’m over this heatwave. Bring on the rain, I miss wearing sleeves.

When you hear there’s a heatwave on its way you think it’s going to be just like holiday minus the swimming pool, sunbathing, air conditioning, general doing-nothing when in reality it’s just life but in the heat. FUN.

The night time struggle.

Not the sleeping thing (although that is annoying) but the sheer panic when you put the kids to bed and then see the temperature in their room. My Love Island viewing has been deeply affected by my inability to be able to stop worrying about the heat in Harley’s bedroom, jeez heatwave.

I’ve got nothing to wear.

This struggle is real. Since becoming a mum basically every spare penny goes on the kids and I’m a little addicted to buying them both clothes, therefore my summer wardrobe consists of clothes from pre-pregnancy (including my fave high-waisted Levi shorts which I’m determined I’ll be able to get back into at some point – ha). When this heatwave started approximately 724 days ago I had two jumpsuits and two dresses that I thought would work on rotation whilst we enjoyed at most a week and a half of summer, I’ve now come to the conclusion that this heatwave is now our normal way of life and I’m begrudgingly having to buy new clothes.

Maternity leave is all about sunbathing right?

Ha wrong. Harley, Ada and I are now hermits in the afternoon. We go out as early as possible in the morning to get supplies and then retreat to our living room (the coolest place in the house), close the blinds to keep the sun out and watch films or The Magic School Bus (remember that?!).

Keeping safe in the sun.

So obviously it’s really important to stay safe in the sun, keep hydrated, plenty of suncream. Check, check, check. For the kids. Only problem is I completely forget the same applies for me. Thankfully I’ve not burnt, mainly because of my previous point, but the dehydration headaches suck. Must get better!

Operation Cooldown.

One new thing that I now do in life that I didn’t do BH (Before Heatwave) is try in vain to keep Harley’s room cool during the day. We’ve got a south facing garden and Harley’s bedroom is on the back of the house meaning that the sun shines on it most of the day. I’ve been doing research and tried everything to try and keep his room cool. Windows open, windows closed, blinds up, blinds down, fan on, ceiling fan. Nothing. Works.

Park Life.

Why oh why are slides made from metal? Harley has sat on so many hot slides now that the first thing he does when we get to the park is check to see if the slide is too hot. And I’m sure I started sinking into the tarmac when I was pushing him on the swings the other day.

Let’s talk.

So I’ve become one of those people who can only talk about the heat. That’s all I have left in my bank, the heat has stripped me of any decent conversation, well apart from Love Island. I’ve already blogged once about heatwaves back in May but that was nothing compared to now. So if anybody wants to talk about this heatwave and reminisce about the days when grass was green and drinking cups of tea was a thing we did I’ll be lying on the cold wooden floor in my living room.

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy (aka whatever the equivalent of Scrooge is in a heatwave). x



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