The Second Child Life.

I was the first born so never experienced life as a second child. I was just a little younger than Harley (two and a half) when my sister was born so can’t really remember before the little whirlwind entered my life and I’m sure that will be how it was for Harley too. My beautiful little Ada, the wild-one, is fully experiencing the second child life.

The Hand-Me-Downs.

There hasn’t been much in terms of clothing that I passed onto Ada other than a few babygrows when she was first born (for sentimental purposes) and a ridiculously cute denim jacket with a fur collar that fits her now – Harley also has one so when they’re twinning it’s just ridiculous. Other than that most of her clothing has been new. The pushchair, the car seat, the baby monitor, the feeding chair, even the bibs – all Harley’s.

The Illnesses.

So I was probably a little overcautious when Harley was a baby but if I so much as heard somebody sneeze I would be out of there. I was so paranoid that he’d get poorly and did everything I could to avoid illness. Ada doesn’t have a choice, poor thing. Since the start if September (aka when Harley started preschool) she’s had three colds and a sickness bug.

The Baby Classes.

Or should that be the lack of. Harley went to Baby Sensory, Baby Yoga, we tried Rhythm Time and I was regularly going to a mummy fitness class too. By nine months old we’d mastered the Say Hello song and signs (I miss Baby Sensory!). At nine months old Ada started her first baby class. As I’ve had Harley at home with us everyday it’s been impossible to get to baby classes but now he’s at preschool we’ve joined our local Jo Jingles class and Ada is loving her life. Although we’ve only made it to two of the six classes we signed up to because illnesses and all that jazz.

The Milestones.

As a first time parent you are so eager for your baby to reach the next milestone. Weaning, crawling, cruising, walking. Not so much second time around. Weaning? Another child to throw the food you’ve cooked on the floor. Crawling? You now need eyes in the back of your head twice over. Walking? We’re not there yet but ARGH. The ironic thing is that Harley was the laziest baby whilst Ada has wanted to crawl since she was about five weeks old.

The Schedule.

I remember when Harley was a baby our daytime schedule was pretty much dictated by him. He would have two long naps a day and I was always keen to be at home for them so he could sleep in his cot. Poor baby number two is on somebody else’s schedule, usually baby number one’s.

The Toys.

Ada does have her own toys but they’re far too boring, especially when you can lob Skye’s Paw Patrol helicopter across the room. At this precise moment Harley shoots me the look that just says ‘Why mum?’…

It can’t all be bad living the second child life. There’s an unlimited supply of toys and an older sibling to wind up (and Ada is pretty good at that!).

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x


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