Oh hey 2019.

And just like 2018 is finished. How did that happen?

I was lucky enough to spend the whole of 2018 at home with my babies. Ada’s first year in the world. She’s one in just a couple of days, how?! Last year was full of beautiful moments; so many firsts for Ada, holidays, Harley’s first day at preschool and lots of lazy days with my two babies.

I’ve got big plans for 2019. I’m back to work next week so we’ll be trying to find our new normal over the next few weeks. We’ve also got lots of trips planned including our first visit to Bluestone (which I’m mega excited about) and Harley starts school full-time in September. I have no idea where the time is going.

My resolutions for 2019.

  1. Delete the time-wasting apps from my iPhone. The screen time information on my phone has scared me.
  2. Stop getting so stressed about the little things. Who cares if the kitchen is messy? Harley’s going to be four this year and I’m starting to realise my babies aren’t going to be babies forever. SOB.
  3. Make sure I do one thing I want to do everyday. Read a chapter of a book, paint my nails or watch an episode of Real Housewives (I’ve only just got Hayu – why did I not realise how much it could enrich my life?!), just something little that is just for me.

Oh and I’m about five years late to the party but this year I’m aiming to create a Second a Day video. Wish me luck!

Happy New Year!

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x


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