Life with two.

It’s busy. It’s manic. It’s to-do lists. It’s crazy. It’s life with two children and I love it.

It’s 14 months since we became a family of four, although it only seems like two minutes. So much has changed. 2018 started for us with a newborn and a toddler, now we have a sassy little lady who has just started walking and a four year old who is loving his life at pre-school and has a social life that nowadays I can only dream of.

My house has never been messier (it seems both of my children didn’t inherited the tidy gene), my laundry pile has never been bigger and our food shopping bill has never been higher but would I change it? Not in a million years.

With me now being back at work my time with them is so precious and I’m suddenly so aware that they’re not going to stay babies forever. I realise that in a few years Harley is going to want to spend his weekends and free time with his friends rather than spending the day with his mum and dad so I’m trying to make the most of it.

We’ve decided that every Sunday possible it’s family time. Day trips, lunches out, lazy days in the house, anything so long as it’s quality time together. A couple of weeks ago we went to Stratford-Upon-Avon for the afternoon (we’re so lucky to have that place on our doorstep) and as we sat on a bench sharing a pack of chips next to the canal I realised just how lucky I was to have my little family.

Ada and Harley really interact with one another now. She does an amazing job of driving him crazy and wants to play with everything he’s playing with but it’s clear to see that they’re besotted with each other. They chase one another around, Harley paints pictures whilst Ada tries to eat the paintbrush – just all the usual brother/sister things.

I’d love to say I’ve got the perfect balance of mastering life with two kids and that I didn’t leave it until the last minute to find a plastic hook claw for Harley’s World Book Day Captain Hook outfit or dropped the kids off to their grandparents for the day and forgotten to send coats but I’m slowly getting there.

In such a small amount of time so much has changed and both Harley and Ada are a little more independent and I know that’s only going to grow so if you need me I’ll most likely be building LEGO houses with Harley whilst stopping Ada from trying to eat the bricks. #mumlife

The Aspiring Yummy Mummy. x


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